Donald Trump to Pace Indy 500?

A very disturbing, short and void of any verifiable details piece of news comes our way from the IndyCar series today. Apparently, Jeff Belskus, the CEO of the world famous track, has asked real estate tycoon Donald Trump to be the driver of the pace car that will keep at bay the open-wheelers on the May 29 race. The news was made public by The New York Post, who talked to an Indy 500 insider. The source told the publication that Trump said about the invitation that it was “an incredible honor.” So, here you have it, Trump behind the wheel of a Camaro SS, chased by a pack of men and one fine Danica Patrick... And this is only the beginning, we reckon. Trump is rumored to get closer and closer to a decision that will see him run for the White House when the proverbial you know what might hit the fan for President Obama. Hopefully, if the news about Trump and Indy 500 is true, he won't try and pace it as he says he does his business. In an interview with The State Column earlier this week, Trump spoke his mind on the other man of the hour, chased around Libya with armed airplanes from several nations, Moammar Khadafy. “I’ve dealt with everybody,” Trump told, in his own style, The State Column. “And by the way, I can tell you something else: I dealt with Khadafy. I rented him a piece of land. He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years - and then I didn’t let him use the land.”


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