Don't Set Your Car on Fire and Jump It into a Lake. This Guy Has Done It for You

Have you ever felt the need to set your car on fire and drive it into a lake, jumping out the door in mid-air? No, we didn’t get that urge either, but it seems the guy in the video below has a different answer to the question above.
Fiery SUV jump into lake 1 photo
The (young) man doesn’t seem to have messed around, as this looks like a Hollywood-grade stunt. The driver’s door was removed and while that may make the jumping part seem easier, we mustn’t forget about the flames and the smoke that had invaded the vehicle at the time when the captain decided it was time to abandon his ship.

The jump took place earlier this month and while we’d like to see a behind-the-scenes video, we couldn’t get our hands on such footage. It seems that the clip was filmed at one of his friends’ farm, so damaging the surroundings wasn’t exactly an issue.

The wrecked vehicle was pulled out of the water with a tractor and everybody was pleased with their efforts to impress the world wide web.

Who is the man behind this memorable stunt?

His name is Jed Huie and, not necessarily in a surprise announcement, he comes from Alabama.

Curious about what Jed drives? You know, in the moments when he doesn’t turn his ride into a fireball... It’s a Chevy Suburban, with the mandatory lift kit. The guy seems to serve motorized stunts for breakfast - he also rides bikes in rugged terrain.

Before we move on to inviting you to hit the “play” button below, we have to throw a spoiler at you - the stuntman plugs his nose right before hitting the water. That’s all we can tell you for now. The rest is a flooded, burned-down carcass.

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