Don't Mess with a Turbo Hayabusa

A turbo Busa is a fierce adversary 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Such road races as those That Racing Channel graciously delivers have a major component that's also becoming, at times, even more important than the vehicles themselves. It can be a resource when manipulated accordingly, and it can be a thing that slows people down. Its name is pride.
Sometimes it's truly funny to see how both riders and drivers would downplay on the side that will help keep their pride intact. This is usually happening in the virtual environments. In real life, these guys are less vocal, maybe because on the street, reality comes around the corner, and little can be denied or showed in a favourable light when convenient.

And I am speaking about those guys, fans of both cars and bikes, who (most of them) don't race, but are very snappy. We've all seen these fellows being never happy with the result of a race, regardless of how things roll.

No excuses, no buts, no ifs

They will always find some OTHER thing that could have turned that shakedown the way they'd prefer better. Funny thing, I have met some guys involved in serious street racing and none of them were the kind of fellows that are continuously searching for excuses, buts and ifs.

They would savagely revel in winning, and they would be most uncomfortable, even mad on the brink of hysteria when losing. But every time, they would try to understand how things went and learn from everything, from everyone, even from the mistakes of the opponents they beat.

This, my friends, is the sign of a real racer. A racer who accepts reality as it is, no matter who won at the end of the day or night. Out on the street, it's people and machines racing people and machines, and facts are always facts, regardless who goes home smiling and several hundred dollars richer.

So instead of buts and ifs, enjoy these seven minutes of hardcore street racing featuring a turbocharged Hayabusa against some trick, souped-up supecars.

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