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Don't Let Snoop Dogg See This Nissan Leaf Mod That Goes Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle

I have to start by apologizing for the childish title, but it’s always better to refer to it as being wiggle-ish and add the obvious Snoop Dogg reference than to talk about furries, isn’t it?
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Nissan LeafNissan LeafNissan LeafNissan LeafNissan LeafNissan Leaf
By the looks of it, the tail appears to have been attached to the roof spoiler. However, it would have probably worked better if it was strapped to the rear windscreen wiper. Some Redditors, as we did find the image in their infamous ‘bad’ car mods thread, have suggested stuffing it down the tailpipe, which would have been something else entirely, if it had one.

The legend says that by adding decals and such to a car, you will gain a couple of horses for each one. So, what does that furry part get you? More wind resistance in something that can actually make you dizzy around corners and absolutely nothing in the Nissan Leaf. We don’t have to remind you that you’re looking at the first generation of the brand’s electric compact hatchback, do we?

Besides that wiggly modification, this white zero-emission vehicle, which apparently had its picture taken somewhere in the U.S. of A., sports a few decals too on the rear bumper. Don’t mind that four-find diffuser, because it came straight from the factory, unlike the mudflaps attached to it. The car appears to be in good overall condition, though we reckon that when the owner decides to remove the tail, the paint will probably suffer some consequences due to the duct tape.

Now, as weird as this Nissan Leaf may be, it simply pales in comparison with other stuff that we have covered over the years in our LOL category. One of them was that Mercedes S-Class oddity that couldn’t decide if it is a Benz, an AMG, a Maybach, or a Brabus. If you somehow missed it, then make sure to check it out here, after taking a closer look at the electric hatchback pictured in the gallery.


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