Don't Do 106 MPH on a Road Ending in a T-Intersection

Hitting the curb like a moron 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Almost all motorcycle riders break the speed limits on a daily basis, it's no use pretending it isn't so. Some will do several mph more than the limit on a certain road section they know very well, while other would speed mindlessly regardless of whether they've been there before or not.
Now, a skilled, experienced rider has decent chances to slow down and follow an unknown road in many cases, provided that the speed is not insanely high. From sharp bends, turns with variable gradient, obstacles in the way, or intersections one wasn't expecting to bad asphalt sections or speed traps, these are only a few things than can lead to a wipeout.

Experienced motorcyclist will be speeding at times, too, but they will always keep in mind not to go past the limit of their (proven) comfort, or that of their vehicle.

Not seeing a T-junction is a major fail

Riding fast and being alert and prepared to come up with a quick response to a change in the seemingly ideal riding conditions is one thing, but riding like a moron and not being able to see that the road ends in a T-intersection is a major failure.

The chap in the video below can be seen doing as much as 106 mph (170 km/h) while passing another car and prior to understanding that the going is about to get very tough.

Luckily, this rider manages to slow down before hitting the curb at an estimated 30 mph (50 km/h) or so. To make things better, he lands on a turf of soft grass that breaks his fall, so we don't get to see the broken limbs part we were expecting. Also, the grass patch helped prevent him and his bike from sliding a long way, as it would have happened if this crash occurred on asphalt.

The moral of the story is that riding fast and not being able to see what the road has in store for you is bad for your health, and people who can't scout the way ahead should roll off the throttle quite a bit.

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