Don't Attempt Any Stunts You're About To See: Super73 One-Offs Are Built With Purpose

It doesn't matter where you are in the world; you've probably heard the name Super73. Well, this time around, we take a look at a few of the works you've surely missed.
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Ladies and gents, since 2016, the world has been home to Super73, an e-bike brand born in Orange County, California. Over the years they've made a name for themselves by crafting EVs that are as unique as the people that ride them.

What I mean to say is that customization is at the heart of how Super73 does business, and when you look into grabbing one of their two-wheelers, you'll get the chance to create your own tailored e-bike. Sure, within a few boundaries, but you get the idea.

Another way they grew to be seen in movies, in magazines, and in Hollywood mansions is by collaborating with some of the world's most renowned names and brands. In this spirit, I've chosen to bring to light some truly custom Super73 jobs that you've probably never seen. Oh, and don't go looking to pick up the phone; these aren't available to the public.

To kick off this exploration of Super73 magic, I want to bring to light the rather bare and not-at-all-broken Cafe Racer Super73 developed on its own. Why is the version so dang important? In my opinion, it stands as a symbol of everything that this brand stands for and tries to recreate with each two-wheeler to pop off their assembly lines.

Rough Crafts
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No, they don't just stand for the looks and simplicity that a cafe racer-style two-wheel brings, but the experience itself. Imagine yourself on that powder-coated silver chrome stallion, feet sitting still on a pair of pegs, and nothing but the twist of a throttle to make you zoom around town. All the while, massive 5-inch cross-section tires give off the motorcycle feeling. Personally, I feel we can consider this Super73's flagship.

The next machine that I feel is in tune with the spirit Super73 aims for is the Rough Crafts version we see. If the name Rough Crafts sounds familiar, it means you're into motorcycles, and if Winston Yeh can support an e-bike brand, why are some motorcycle riders so hardheaded when it comes to loving e-bikes? A discussion for another day.

With this version, Super73 and Rough Crafts aimed to "seamlessly blend" moto heritage with e-mobility. Did they succeed? Well, let's have a look. First off, this version no longer has that classic gaping hole in the middle where we would typically set an engine block. Instead, Super73 and Rough Crafts use body panels to seal this hole and give off a motorcycle look.

Faster Tracker
Photo: Rough Crafts
The moto look and feel is also completed with the cafe racer-style seat, but above all, the way the rear wheel is set on a swingarm. A massive spring and shock can be seen, too, reminiscent of motorcycles once again. The inverted fork, too, brings some moto magic.

The only feature I couldn't really understand was the wheels. Not only do they break away from motorcycle designs by completely filling the hub, but I'm a person who often stares at bicycles, track bikes included, and this feature looks ripped right off a track bike; something to do with aerodynamics. Oh, and this one has pedals!

Up next, Super73 took things to an entirely new level and one that I haven't seen e-bikes in, albeit are sure to fit with gusto and ease. If you've ever heard of the Wall of Death, then you have some idea as to what Super73 and Marvin Prinssen, AKA Marvellous Marv, have in store for us here.

Yes, the Wall of Death is that gravity-defying dance of motorcycles within the confines of a walled arena. In short, by understanding how inertia, gravity, and horsepower can be tamed to create a playground, people can ride their motorcycles up walls and do so regularly for a thrill or a dollar.

Wall of Death
Photo: Super73
However, the moment you throw an e-bike into the mix, the results may not be as favorable as if you did this with a motorcycle. And so, Super73 decided to whip up an EV that could handle the stresses of riding up and around walls.

To do so, the spokes of the copper wonder we see have been reinforced to handle the Gs exerted on the bike during a Wall of Death event, and the rigid front fork is designed to do the same. To ensure you stick to your seat, anti-slip materials are used, and to ensure you achieve what you set out to do, a throttle function is in place, the latter being a must because there's no way you're pedaling around in the arena.

The best part of this story is that this machine actually ended up performing on the Wall of Death, ridden by Marvelous Marv himself. Before you go on, let me point out that you shouldn't attempt any of the stunts you see in the video below, but do enjoy the show. Marv even pedals this thing around.

If you've been wondering why Super73 is getting so much attention, it's clearly not just because they build cool e-bikes; they build cool e-bikes with purpose!

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Super73 and Rough Crafts projects.

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