Dometic Literally Blows Away the Competition With an Affordable Air-Filled Rooftop Tent

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Photo: Dometic / Colton Jacobs / Edited by autoevolution
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Everyone seems to want a piece of the outdoor and off-grid life, but where to start? Well, suppose you're looking to transform your vehicle into an on-road habitat. In that case, Dometic's soon-to-be-released air-filled rooftop tent definitely needs to be on your radar.
Wait a minute, air-filled? Yes, Dometic's soon-to-be-launched TRT 140 Air rooftop tent functions by filling itself with air to set it upright and go to bed wherever you run out of gas or your circadian cycle kicks in. Let's dive into a piece of $2,500 (€2,300 at current exchange rates) hardware that promises to be your on-road sleeping solution.

Now, if you've never heard of Dometic before, there is still time. Just take a walk around your neighborhood, and chances are that you'll see some Dometic gear on cars, in their trunks, and even in massive RVs and motorhomes. Heck, these days, their outdoor living products can be seen worldwide and have been since 2001. That's 22 years of supplying the world with the gear. Well, the 140 Air is a step into a new stage in Dometic products, ones that are lighter, easy to use, and above all, just as solid as all the other stuff they've been putting out over the years. Time to step into the new age of mobile living.

Starting with the most crucial details of the Air, let me point out that the interior is only fit for two adults. To also help reduce the amount of space this tent occupies, and even how much it weighs, Dometic integrates the sleeping mattress right into the shell, and as the Air unfolds, so does it. Hop in and lights out.

But, the real magic isn't the fact that there's space for two people to sleep in the Air, but how it all happens. What does air-filled really mean? In the case of this rooftop tent, a "frame" is created from channels that become rigid once filled with air. Simple and effective, if you ask me. Best of all, it helps reduce the amount of metal used in such a unit, helping keep weight down to a minimum.

Photo: Dometic / Colton Jacobs
However, this idea isn't new. It's one that's been used in countless other types of outdoor gear. From those mattresses we sleep on in our tents to stand-up paddleboards and even tent annexes have explored this tech. Frankly, it was only a matter of time before the world would begin to see this idea implemented into rooftop tents too. As a result, the Air fills its frame with gases in around 2 minutes. It'll also do this from a single point of inflation. Once you're ready to tear things down again and hit the road, in around three minutes, this bugger deflates, and you're set. Quick, fast, easy.

As for all the other little details about the Air, there's plenty to talk about. For example, polycotton makes up Dometic's Weathershield TC, helping regulate interior temperatures and reducing condensation, and zipper-actuated insect nets ensure skeeters don't keep you awake at night. To climb inside, an aluminum ladder is part of the mix. Oh, let's remember all the little storage bags inside and outside the Air, ready to hold your smart devices, books, and food and drinks.

What does all this mean for you and me? Quite a few things, and to help you grasp the essence of the Air, I want you to pretend you own such a unit. With it on top of your SUV, truck, or camper roof rack, you hit the road, forgetting to ever look back over the next few days. Because of the weight reduction due to missing metals in the framework, Dometic showcases the Air on a Mini Countryman. With a weight of a tad under 104 lbs (47 kg), you can throw this on that old Camry hanging out in the parking lot.

Hub 2 Redux
Photo: Dometic / Colton Jacobs
After driving for however long your itinerary dictates, pull over on the edge of that seaside ridge and unfold your bedroom. Climb inside, lie down, and enjoy the sunset with your soul's desire (loved one). Heck, why not fall asleep like this? Just remember to secure the insect nets.

The next morning, it's time to embark upon the next leg of the journey. After a light breakfast, deflate the Air, fold it up, and put the pedal to the floor. Next stop? The campgrounds where you planned to meet up with your friends. Once you arrive, pump this sucker back up with an automatic pump and even set up the rest of your campsite. Funny enough, another product in Dometic's lineup functions with an air-filled frame, the Hub 2 Redux, an outdoor shelter/annex suitable for numerous activities. The rest is in your hands.

As I explored the Air, I ran across a rather interesting situation. The Air is advertised as selling for $2,500, but another Dometic webpage shows this puppy reduced by 20%, for a total of just $2,000. Sounds like on-road and off-grid living just got lighter, more accessible, and a whole lot easier. Sounds like a little something-something to consider if you're looking to hop on the mobile living bandwagon.
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