Does the Tesla Autopilot Feature Strike Again? Your Guess Is as Good as Ours

There’s no question Tesla Model S is a very capable vehicle. It can accelerate very quickly, it can go pretty fast too, and it has the longest range among production EVs. However, it’s safe to assume the fact that it cannot go down a flight of stairs should not be considered a design flaw.
Tesla Model S stuck on stairs 4 photos
Tesla Model S incident in HagueTesla Model S incident in HagueTesla Model S incident in Hague
The sight of this white Tesla Model S stranded at the bottom of this public staircase greeted the dwellers of the Dutch city of Hague on Wednesday morning. If the one soul that can be seen in the pictures provided is anything to go by, people weren’t very impressed with this guy’s problems.

Exactly how he ended up there is still uncertain (those hating on the new Autopilot feature will have already made up their minds, but unfortunately for them, it is not available in Europe yet), but the fact of the matter is that the car got stuck after climbing down most of the stairs and there was nothing the driver could do about it anymore. He could have taken another route or he could have braked before Tesla’s front wheels touched the first step, but he didn’t, and now it was too late.

Since the car has a pristine white body and no other signs on it, we’re going to have to take the guys’ at word for it when they say this was a taxi driver. We all know taxi drivers around the world are renowned for taking the craziest shortcuts, but if that’s the case, it places this driver at a whole new level. Of stupidity, that is.

This could very well be turned into an advertisement for the new Tesla Models X, even though it would be done at the expense of the Model S saloon. But judging by the extreme angle between the stairs and the sidewalk, it would take a car with a far better approach angle than that of the Model X to make it through without a scratch.

The Model S doesn’t appear to have sustained serious damage during the incident, but reports talk about a tow-truck coming to Tesla’s rescue. The way we see it, using anything other than a crane would definitely lead to further damage done to the car.
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