Does a Huge Man Fit Inside the McLaren P1?

Before the Internet, trying to fit a massive man inside a hypercar wouldn’t have made too much sense. Then again, the hypercar genre didn’t exist in that period. Anyway, here we are, showing you a video of a massive guy that aims to fit inside a McLaren P1.
Huge man fits inside McLaren P1 1 photo
There are quite a number of questions to be answered here. Will the mag manage to get behind the wheel of the British machine? If so, is he going to be able to turn the wheel or, say, remove the phone from his pocket?

We’ll leave the clip below provide the answer, but, while we do so, we’ll mention the guy is around six feet seven inches and tips the scales at about 170 kg (370 lbs).

The man isn’t playing with a McLaren P1 by mistake - he’s an automotive photographer and, according to the Youtube uploader of the video, a talented one, so we could say he is living the dream of getting up close and personal with one of his muses.

And what a muse this is. The P1 is built around a carbon fiber tub. Unlike in the case of the 12C, which also features such a tub, that of the P1 includes the roof and roof air scoop, while also incorporating the Integrated Power Assist (that electric boost thing) battery and power electronics. Speaking of weight, despite all the aforementioned integrated elements, this MonoCage safety cell only weighs 90 kg (198.5 lbs).

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