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Dodge Viper Twin Burnout

The Dodge Viper, in its second generation (in fact the following statement is true for any generation of the supercar), is a car that impresses by its simple presence.
Just take a look at that looooong bonnet which conceals an 8.4-liter V10 powerplant and you’ll understand everything. But what if we had a Dodge Viper that’s performing burnouts? And the rear tires are actually not being punished, but warmed up. Warmed up for what? Well, our Viper is racing another Viper. To be more specific, this is a drag race between two second-generation Vipers.

As you can expect, the second Viper also needs to have its rubber at the correct temperature, so what we get is a twin burnout. We’re inviting you to enjoy this show in the adjacent clip, which treats us with both static and dynamic burnouts.


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