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Dodge Reportedly Greenlights Durango SRT with 6.4L Hemi V8, No Hellcat Version Planned

Rumors about Dodge packing their 6.4-liter Hemi inside the Durango's engine compartment have been around for quite a while, but it seem this will actually happen.
Dodge Durango 1 photo
A member of the Jeeptrackhawkforum, who has provided valuable info before, claims Dodge has approved the Durango SRT project. The info comes at the right time, since Fiat Chrysler is holding its dealer group meeting in Las Vegas.

With SRT having become a Dodge-only performance division, it all makes sense. After all, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is enjoying an excellent reputation and with Fiat Chrysler being focused on money-saving updates rather than on all-new models nowadays, the arguments in favor of the super-SUV keep adding up.

When we drove the Grand Cherokee SRT, we came across a brilliant, capable machine that tops some of its European competitors in terms of feel. And we're expecting no less from the Durango SRT.

Since both the car and the engine are already around, the Durango SRT could come out next year as a 2017 model.

In case you're wondering how this affects the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the same source states the Durango won't also get the Hellcat engine. Which means the Grand Cherokee will be the only Chrysler SUV to offer 700 hp, all nicely wrapped under the Trackhawk badge.The story doesn't end here though
The forum user in question has recently talked about Dodge killing both the naturally-aspirated 6.4 and the supercharged 6.2 after the 2019 model year.

This would be made in a bid to meet stricter CAFE regulations, but the info is still in the "wild rumor" stage, so we'll have to wait until we can change its status.

And while we hope we never will, arguing the Hellcat V8 has just entered service, the downsizing might just reach the SRT division from 2020 onwards. Think about it - if names such as Porsche and Ferrari were forced to go turbo, nobody is exempted from this.


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