Dodge Demon Gets Kenne Bell Supercharger Upgrade, New Hood Looks Sinister

With more and more Dodge Demons landing in the hands of their owners these days, the inevitable aftermarket efforts haven't failed to show up. And we're here to talk about one of the meatiest Demon upgrades to date, which involves a blower transplant.
Dodge Demon Gets Kenne Bell Supercharger Upgrade 6 photos
Dodge Demon Gets Kenne Bell Supercharger UpgradeDodge Demon Gets Kenne Bell Supercharger UpgradeDodge Demon Gets Kenne Bell Supercharger UpgradeDodge Demon Gets Kenne Bell Supercharger UpgradeDodge Demon Gets Kenne Bell Supercharger Upgrade
To be more precise, a white example of the Mopar halo car has been gifted with a Kenne Bell supercharger. The aftermarket specialist seems to have completed the build and decided to give us a bit of a walkaround, as you'll be able to notice in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page.

This is the kind of upgrade that also required a visual mod, since the new blower didn't go well with the factory hood of the car. As such, the company installed a custom hood, one that comes with a larger bulge and has an air intake that looks ready to swallow everything (this certainly affects visibility, but that shouldn't be an issue for the kind of customers who prefer such beasts).

The clip also allows us to check out what is under the hood, but no tech details have been released so far.

The specialist has mentioned that the massaged Dodge Demon is heading to Vegas and, given the Demon crate contents packed in the boot (think: skinny front tire), we're expecting a drag strip debut soon.

Now, he factory incarnation of the Dodge Demon, which packs a 2.7-liter twin-screw supercharger working at 14.5 psi, delivers 840 hp when using the Demon Crate race gas ECU. And given the fact that the uber-Challenger can reach into the four-figure output area without requiring more than a pulley upgrade and a few other goodies, we're expecting the project we have here to deliver well over 1,200 hp.

For one thing, Hennessey Performance has announced a multi-step upgrade program that will take the Demon to 1,500 hp, so those willing to go that high will have multiple choices.

Of course, we're curious to see how these machines hook up during the takeoff phase, since the stock Demon doesn't exactly handle the task with ease.

As countless street racing and drag strip videos have shown, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon needs a well-prepped surface to deliver 9s passes, while no driver has been recorded achieving the promised 9.65s 1/4-mile time (then again, the microscopic mileage of the cars means owners haven't used the Transbrake yet).


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