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Dodge Challenger Rendered as an Italian Muscle Car Looks Controversial

For many people out there, the Dodge Challenger is the perfect muscle car that looks great just the way it is. For others, however, there are things that can be improved, and this is why the WWW is full of renderings envisioning more or less dramatic overhauls of the Challenger.
Dodge Challenger Italian muscle car 1 photo
What designer Andras Veres has tried to do on Instagram is something a little bit different, though, and has already received mixed results from Lancia fans out there.

The Dodge Challenger you see here is no longer America’s muscle car, getting a set of styling refinements borrowed from Lancia, all with the purpose of creating what the designer hopes could be a new model launched by the Italian brand.

Of course, the chances to see this going live are absolutely zero, as Dodge and Lancia working together on such a model is something happening when pigs fly. However, it’s still an interesting idea to envision a different approach for Italian car models.

At first glance, there’s indeed too much Dodge in this rendering, as one commenter says, but on the other hand, it’s pretty much the only way you could retain the muscle car feeling on a Lancia model. The front fascia is indeed inspired by Lancias, but other than that, it’s a Challenger from every single angle, there’s no doubt about it.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re a Dodge fan who likes muscle cars more than anything else. However, for Lancia fans it could be considered more of a blasphemy, mostly because it drops the pure Italian styling these cars have always sported.

If anything, the Lancia 037 is the one where such a muscle car-inspired design approach would kind of fit, though for now, the world is still stuck with the original 217 units produced between 1982 and 1984, with no modern overhaul on the radar.

Editor's note: To clarify, we do know the Dodge rendering above looks more like a Challenger rather than a Charger, but the designer specifically said he used the latter as the starting point for his rendering. However, for clarification, we removed all Charger references.


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