Dodge Charger Hellcat Archangel Has Demon Front End "Conversion"

Remember the times when those who identify themselves as purists pointed their fingers at the Dodge Charger Hellcats that had been given widebody conversions? Now that the carmaker is offering the WB as standard on the 2020 model, this debate might've just been settled. With that out of the way, we're here to talk about a 707-hp Charger that received its widebody well before the feature became official.
Dodge Charger Hellcat "Archangel" 7 photos
Dodge Charger Hellcat "Archangel"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Archangel"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Archangel"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Archangel"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Archangel"Dodge Charger Hellcat "Archangel"
This super-sedan is a 2017 model and it looks like it's been gifted with what one might call tastefully restrained visual mods. As such, if we look past the fat-cat arches, we notice what appears to be a Challenger Demon front end makeover, with this including the splitter and that generously-sized hood scoop.

Judging by the uber-limited ground clearance, the four-door has been gifted with an air suspension as well, so there's no need to worry about clearing driveways, as the one behind the wheel can lift the car at any given time. Of course, the custom shoes of the Charger also play a part in its visual transformation.

Quickly moving past the side skirt extension and the roof spoiler, we find a NASCAR-inspired "tail" that transforms the rear end.

The cabin of this supercharged sedan has also been touched, as you'll notice in one of the social media posts below. Now, in case you're wondering about the joystick-like shifter for the eight-speed auto, this seems to fall in line with the military background of the vehicle's owner.

Shifter aside, the steering wheel, dashboard trim, center console trim and dashboard instruments, as well as the floor mats are on the list of cabin goodies.

Now, some of you might have doubts about the "restrained" part of the description above. Well, if you're looking for a modded Charger that doesn't fit that label, perhaps this example will make it all clear.


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