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Dodge Charger Goes Back to Basics as Two-Door Muscle Car in Fantasy Land

As everyone and their grandmother knows, the Dodge Charger started life as a two-door model. The first generation entered production in the second half of the 1960s, and up until the fifth gen, it remained a two-door.
Dodge Charger - Rendering 7 photos
Dodge Charger - RenderingDodge ChallengerDodge ChargerDodge ChargerDodge ChargerDodge Charger
Things changed when Dodge reintroduced it after a two-decade hiatus, as the transition to the Chrysler LX platform, shared with the Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300, brought a new body style: the four-door sedan. The seventh generation is still offered as a sedan solely, using the same foundation as the Challenger.

But what if the North American brand decided to offer it as a two-door once more? Well, then it would step on the Challenger’s toes, obviously, and it would also be a much more interesting proposal. Jlord8 set out to imagine how a modern-day Charger would look like in this body style, using some classic design traits, and the result is definitely something to write home about.

Starting off with the Challenger Widebody, the rendering artist gave it a new face, complete with a different grille and headlights hidden behind it. The wheel arches have become thinner, and they are filled by a pair of normal-looking tires that hug a set of classic wheels, with fat lip. It sports a retro-ish hue on the outside, doesn’t feature any Hellcat emblems on the front fenders anymore, and retains the double-nostril styling, and fat chin spoiler attached to the front bumper.

And speaking of Hellcats, there is only one engine that would work best with this styling. That is the ubiquitous 6.2-liter HEMI V8, with supercharging, which turns the car into a magnificent beast that whines about everything at a hard push of the right pedal, allowing it to chew through its tires in no time. Kind of makes you wish Dodge took a different approach when it comes to the modern-day muscle car, doesn’t it?


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