Dodge Charger "Batmobile" Rendered, Looks Like Robert Pattinson's Next Ride

Dodge Charger Batmobile rendering 8 photos
Photo: yasiddesign/Instagram
Dodge Charger "Batmobile" Rendered Based on Pics Shared by Director Matt ReevesDodge Charger "Batmobile" Rendered Based on Pics Shared by Director Matt ReevesDodge Charger "Batmobile" Rendered Based on Pics Shared by Director Matt ReevesDodge Charger "Batmobile" Rendered Based on Pics Shared by Director Matt ReevesThe Batman BatmobileThe Batman BatmobileThe Batman Batmobile
It was with great pleasure that I glared at the rather revealing Batmobile teasers The Batman director Matt Reeves shared last week. The superhero's future ride, previewed after we caught a glimpse at his future Batcycle, leaves the mechanical monster look of its recent predecessors behind, drawing inspiration from the contemporary muscle car customization culture instead.
As generous as the said official teasers were, one could always enjoy an even clearer view. And, thanks to digital artist Yasid Oozeear, who is not involved in the project, we can all enjoy just that.

The said pixel wielder couldn't resist the temptation to build on the said images, especially since Batman's future machine looks quite a bit like a classic Dodge Charger with the engine relocated behind the seats - this is precisely what Oozeear had rendered in the past, as part of the multiple Mopar machines he gifted us with.

Now, there are some key differences between this unofficial rendering and the real deal. For one, the V8 we'll get to see Robert Pattinson (plus a mask) hooning featured a pair of turbos, while the one we have here is slightly friendlier to purists - instead of the said forced induction setup, the mill features individual throttle bodies.

Then there's the carbon build: the wonder material is brilliant when it comes to absorbing the energy of an impact and protecting the occupant(s) of the car, but good old metal might just be more suitable for the kind of drive-crash-drive-again scenarios we're all expecting from the motion picture.

Of course, the actual Batmobile could always throw some Ford Mustang bits into the mix, but this is another story for another time.

Speaking of the motion picture, which will premiere, the vehicular design approach is part of a plan introducing greater changes. To be more precise, the DC movie universe is planning a makeover for multiple titles, Batman includes, with this coming to boost the below-expectations popularity of various series.

Returning to the independent artist who brought us here, his post doesn't just confirm the previous article's observation revolving around Ash Thorp having designed the new Batmobile, but also adds two names to the credits. That would be San Francisco-based concept artist Colie Wertz, along with films and games concept designer and creative director Benjamin Last.

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I didn’t express how fucking excited I am for the upcoming Batman movie yet. So here goes - The car! Duh. I got so insanely excited to see what they’ve been up to. An absolutely fantastic job by @ashthorp @coliewertz and @benjamin_last . . Needless to say, I am a sucker for such designs as you know it, and I felt it was a perfect time to revisit the my charger design from a while back, also with a rear mounted power plant. Did a few tweaks on the front fenders, closed it and voila. Happy to see that I was sort of on the same train of thought as these design Jedi Lü, . . Can’t wait to see this in full action! . . . . . #ihadnothingtodowiththis #yd #ydcars #yasiddesign #alyasid #dodgecharger #charger #dodge #americanmuscle #batman #thebatman #batmancar #batmobile #fullcarbon

A post shared by Al Yasid Oozeear (@yasiddesign) on Mar 7, 2020 at 9:18am PST

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