Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye "Fat Boy" Looks like a Plus Size Model

Frankly, the Redeye incarnation of the Hellcat offers all you can dream of for the current Challenger platform. Sure, the retired Demon has a higher muscle figure and came with drag strip-destined hardware, but the Hellcat Redeye is a better all-rounder and goes easier on your bank account. Of course, there will always be aficionados looking for that custom touch and this is how we ended up with the rendering sitting behind the screen.
Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye rendering 4 photos
Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye "Fat Boy" renderingDodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye "Fat Boy" renderingDodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye "Fat Boy" rendering
This pixel play portrays a Redeye that has been gifted with an unconventional widebody kit - anybody who's seen a Challenger in real life knows how wide the muscle car looks and this kit dials this dimension of the machine up to eleven.

Interestingly, the aero work we have here keeps thing simple. So we're looking at clean lines, from the massive fenders to the carbon lip that redefines the chin of the Mopar machine.

As for the cabin, this pixel adventure doesn't take us inside the car, but we can still notice the custom seats, which seem inspired by the track racing world. Oh, and there's no sign of the rear seats having been removed, so this thing can still cater to the transportation needs of five people.

Then we have the red roll cage, whose red hue generates as strong contrast with the (mostly) black cabin of the vehicle. The color of the cage is also used for the halo lights of the Dodge, all in a bid to show the literal meaning of the model's name.

Judging by the stance of the Hellcat Redeye, somewhere in there we can find an air suspension, whose portrayed setting makes the most out of the custom wheel/tire package.

We have to thank digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel for this rendering and, since the Demon is mentioned in the intro, here's the pixel wielder's take on it.


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