Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Modded Camaro ZL1, Fight Gets Brutal

With Dodge and Ford constantly throwing fresh muscle derivatives at us, we might have developed a less-than-ideal habit, one that involves focusing our attention solely on adventures involving such fresh arrivals. Thus, we are now here to discuss a battle between two muscle cars that are no longer new, namely the no-widebody (can't really call it “narrow”) Challenger Hellcat and the Camaro ZL1.
Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Modded Camaro ZL1 4 photos
Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Modded Camaro ZL1Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Modded Camaro ZL1Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Modded Camaro ZL1
Of course, there are more and more owners of such toys who take their vehicles down the aftermarket path, and the examples we have here are no exception - their drivers took the beasts to the gym before engaging in the drag race we can now discuss.

Keep in mind that both the Mopar machine and Chevy's muscle range-topper are animated by supercharged 6.2-liter V8s. However, while this Hellcat motor was pushed to around 850 horsepower at the rear wheels (that would be 1,000 hp at the crank), the LT4 engine of the Camaro was taken to 650 whp (think: north of 750 ponies at the crankshaft).

Then again, there's one key aspect we have to keep in mind, namely that the Dodge is over 450 lbs less friendly to the scales than the Chevy.

Now, the two slabs of America got together during a recent day of street racing - please don't use this as an example and take the battle to the track. Heck, even the camera car following the two racers, which was driven by YouTuber Can I be Frank, was nearly rear-ended by a BMW during the said event. Fortunately, there was no contact between the two vehicles, but please remember to try and keep things on the safe side.

The muscle toys went for the usual rolling start and it seems like the drivers’ efforts paid off, since the takeoff appears to be clean - you can skip to the 1:40 timestamp for the sprinting action.

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