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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Looks Flattened After Being Totaled at Puerto Rico Drag Racing Event

Ever since Dodge came up with the Challenger Hellcat, we've seen plenty of renderings that aimed to change the appearance of the world's most powerful muscle car. While we haven't seen too many chopped Hellcats, this is what greets us in the images below.
Challenger Hellcat totaled during drag racing event 5 photos
Challenger Hellcat totaled during drag racing eventChallenger Hellcat totaled during drag racing eventChallenger Hellcat totaled during drag racing eventChallenger Hellcat totaled during drag racing event
Unfortunately, this isn't the digital world. Instead, we are dealing with cold, hard reality, where a Challenger Hellcat was just totaled at a half-mile racing event in Puerto Rico.

There are currently no details about the crash, but judging by what we can see in these images, which come from 1320video, the vehicle has rolled at least once.

All the airbags have been triggered, with the car being in a disastrous shape - it doesn't take an expert to tell this Hellcat was totaled.

While we have no info on the condition of the driver, we hope the man walked away from the accident unscathed.A half-mile run in a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is serious business
To get an idea of what can happen during such an event, we'll mention a Challenger Hellcat, with a driver who knows what he's doing, will climb to about 150 mph (that's around 250 km/h for all you reading this over on the Old Continent).

In fact, we've added a video below, which shows a Hellcat versus Hellcat half-mile race from another event, with this offering a proper example of such a shenanigan.

Returning to the Puerto Rico half mile gathering, this takes place on the Rafael Hernández Airport and was inaugurated in 2011.

Oh well, at least we can hope for that wonderful 707 hp 6.2-liter supercharged V8 to have held its own against the g-forces. The heart of the Hellcat being used for an engine swap project would take away some of the pain the owner must've experienced after losing his Mopar machine.

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