Dodge Challenger Hellcat "Angel" Flies Low

With muscle car fans wishing to know more about the future of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the latest reports on the matter talk about the possibility of the current model surviving through the 2023 model year. And while the fate of the next-gen model will undoubtedly be influenced by the ongoing merger between FCA and PSA, it's clear that the current car will continue to receive new derivatives.
Dodge Challenger Hellcat "Angel" 5 photos
Dodge Challenger Hellcat "Angel"Dodge Challenger Hellcat "Angel"Dodge Challenger Hellcat "Angel"Dodge Challenger Hellcat "Angel"
Given the final detail mentioned in the intro above, what can the owner of a Challenger Hellcat do to keep the machine's appearance on the fresh side? Well, the aftermarket side of the industry offers a wide range of goodies for the Mopar machine, so it's all down to how the driver mixes and matches there.

And the Hellcat you'll find in the Instagram posts at the bottom of the page comes to offer a funky take on the matter.

This Dodge packs a widebody kit, with the generously-sized fenders making those present on the factory Hellcat widebody appear tame. However, this isn't the most striking aspect of the project.

The said title goes to the microscopic ground clearance of the Challenger - this type of ride height is here thanks to the use of air suspension, which means the driver can lift the vehicle when this is required by driving conditions (basically, any time the car is not posing for the camera).

The custom wheels also need to be mentioned, with these featuring a five-double-spoke design and uber-fat lips. And yes, this kind of road connection (think: both elements mentioned above) is a trend these days, whether we like it or not.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, that matter white finish of the Dodge Challenger comes thanks to a wrap, while the racing-like tow element in the lower front apron generates a stark contrast thanks to its red finish.


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