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Dodge Challenger "Big Red" Shows Widebody Muscle in Devilish Form

While the Dodge Challenger's future is uncertain, the big coupe continues to shine, having one-upped the newer Camaro in the sales race for three years now. And while the Mopar people keep adding velocity-savvy members of the family, certain owners will always prefer the aftermarket path.
Dodge Challenger "Big Red" 7 photos
Dodge Challenger "Big Red"Dodge Challenger "Big Red"Dodge Challenger "Big Red"Dodge Challenger "Big Red"Dodge Challenger "Big Red"Dodge Challenger "Big Red"
The Challenger we have here serves as an example that the machine doesn't need much to stand out in the muscle crowd.

We're looking at a 2019 Challenger R/T Scat Pack, which many enthusiasts consider the sweet spot of the range. That's because the derivative flexes 392 ci (6.4-liter) HEMI muscle, with 485 hp (492 PS) on tap, while starting below the $40,000 mark.

Speaking of a muscle car that one can enjoy on a reasonable budget, as we mentioned above, this custom example sticks to that recipe. And its custom aesthetics start with a widebody kit supplied by Shirokai, which consists of the front and rear fender flares, the side skirt extensions, the massive lip spoiler up front, as well as the ducktail approach at the back.

As those of you who enjoy cars that sit further from the sky than the factory intended have probably guessed by now, the machine features air springs. And its custom suspension is linked to three-piece wheels coming from Rohana. Dubbed RFG5, these feature an aggressive five-double-spoke design.

Now, if you're looking for vibrant colors, some of which revive the classic era's visual style, Dodge is one of your best bets. Nevertheless, since Fernando, the enthusiast behind the wheel of this Dodge Challenger, wanted to leave the stock appearance behind, he went for a wrap from Inozetek.

Thus, the eye-catching shade of the Mopar monster's second skin is dubbed Midnight Red, with the nickname in the title popping into our minds the moment we came across the vehicle.

When it comes to what lies ahead for Dodge muscle cars, the axing of the SRT Division has definitely raised concerns. Still, the automaker's CEO, Tim Kuniskis, has mentioned electrification as a possible pathway to the survival of these machines.

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