Do You Drive an Audi? Their TLI Network Expands to L.A., New York, and San Fran

Everyone knows the feeling of catching all green lights; absolutely liberating. However, for a few years now, Audi owners and drivers have had the privilege to have this exact feeling nearly every time they get in their beloved vehicles.
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Audi Traffic Light Information DisplayAudi C-V2XAudi Traffic Light Information DisplayAudi Traffic TravolutionAudi Traffic Light InformationAudi Traffic Light Information
Since August 2006, Audi has been developing Traffic Light Information (TLI) technology aimed at offering Audi drivers the unique experience of timing their driving in such a way as to raise the chances of catching all green traffic lights. In 2016, this technology began being applied to production vehicles and a network of TLI, spreading across the U.S. and some European countries, has been growing. The most recent expansion includes some of the busiest cities in the world, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

Correct! If you own an Audi, L.A traffic should now be a thing of the past for you. With the inclusion of over 22,000 “connected” intersections in over 60 agencies worldwide, owning the four rings just got a whole lot better.

This expansion is all part of Audi’s connected technologies plan for vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) integration and communication, and TLI is only a small part of the story. With the TLI feature, drivers will unlock the ability to view a countdown showing how long a traffic light will remain red before turning green (Time to Green – TTG). Think about what would happen if it was Time to Red.

Audi Traffic Light Information Display
Photo: Audi AG
Another feature of TLI is known as Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA). With GLOSA, software will limit the number of red lights hit, thus leading to a reduced fuel consumption, and an overall more pleasant driving experience. Distance to stop, zonal speed limits, and signal timing, are all used to calculate this feature.

This, however, is all part of Audi’s plans to expand a vehicle-to-everything network (C-V2X), powered by 5G. With this feature, Audi vehicles will be able to communicate with other vehicles, school zones, and worksites, in the process including the potential to “increase driver confidence,” and/or have the car take over through autonomous action in case an impeding danger is sensed. Just last year Audi began working with U.S. states North Virginia and Georgia, to begin testing of the future C-V2X network.

As to why this sort of tech is being implemented into Audi vehicles is all quite simple, stress reduction. According to Audi, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that drivers spend nearly 300 hours a year behind the wheel.

TLI simply means less time spent behind the wheel. Less time spent behind the wheel, unless you’re an F1 driver, means less stress. Coupled with the beauty of the constant movement you’ll experience, thanks to GLOSA and TTG, the Audi driving experience just seems to keep getting better.

Audi Traffic Light Information
Photo: Audi AG
As far as the numbers go, the U.S. Department of Transportation AERIS Research Program and Audi Travolution reports both found that minimizing stop-and-go driving can lead to a 15% rise in fuel efficiency. 15 whole percent! Just do the math for a moment. Every six years or so you’ll save a year of spending on fuel.

Now, drivers of some of the most congested cities in the U.S. will be benefiting from all that good stuff you just read about. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to drive around L.A. without having to sit in traffic. Or how about Phoenix, Arizona, another cramped spot. Las Vegas? Sure. Houston, Texas? Of course. Even Chicago, and a whole lot of Florida is running Audi TLI.

With a growing network such as this, and features that have always been left in the hands of luck, Audi is changing the driving experience in such a way as to make me want to own one, and I don’t really do cars.
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