Do Trees Hate Riders?

Rider crashes when a dead branch falls from a tree in his way 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Remember our guide explaining the most common things that may lead to a crash in the spring? Well, after watching this video, it looks like the guide, a rather comprehensive work altogether, needs some updates, with a sub-chapter dedicated to the threats which lurk in the trees.
It's not uncommon to see such crashes, as even we ran an almost identical story one year ago or so. Why the prospect of a bike crash just as the riding season is about to start is obviously, not the happiest thing to come to mind, the complete lack of predictability of such accidents is the scariest part.

Some dangers can be anticipated

Some of the dangers in the way can be anticipated, and certain things are even better to be expected. Wet spots around blind turns, debris of all kinds in the middle of the road, other riders crashing and a lot more are things a safety-conscious rider can expect during his first rides of the season.

Still, a dead branch falling from a tree is way too deep in Final Destination territory. When such things occur, wiping out the way this chap did seems like a really good outcome. Imagine how bad things can become if the branch hits the rider straight in the head or even worse, he or she runs with their face into it, on a collision course that's worthy of the aforementioned horror movie.

This chap came off pretty well, even if he spent some 4 hours in a hospital. He made it home without any broken bones and with no serious injuries. And a great, if hard to believe story to tell his kids and riding buddies.

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