Do Polar Bears Really Love Nissan Leaf Owners?

Is the Nissan Leaf and others like it saving the planet? Well, with so much contradictory information floating around, it’s actually very difficult to have a properly informed opinion on the matter. We say that driving electric cars, like the Nissan Leaf, has clear advantages, which include superior performance to any conventional engine, no matter how complex, as well as zero tailpipe emissions.
Nissan Leaf Heart Polar Bear 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
However, the cost of batteries, their lack of capacity, as well as the fact that they employ the use of all kinds of nasty chemicals would offset the balance in favor of the polar bear not loving Nissan Leaf and EV owners. However, once battery technology develops (and it will, much sooner than was originally envisioned) there will be nothing to stop electric cars from assuring themselves a firm footing in the preferences of car buyers around the world. Even with today's tech, going over 1,000 km (600 miles) on a single charge is no longer a problem.

The shift has already begun in Japan, where people who are, let’s face it, a tad weird compared to us westerners (but not in a bad way, it has to be stressed), have reduced their dependency on oil by 7% since the year 2000 - a feat unmatched by any of the world’s nations. So the answer to the title question is we don’t really know, and there’s more than one answer, as currently just one doesn’t really cover all the bases.
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