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DMC 458 Estremo Receives Nonidentical Twin Bike from No-Limit-Custom

The car and the bike worlds are usually in an effervescent rivalry, from sharing the same roads to the spectacular Youtube head-to-head videos. Nonetheless, we are now going to show you an exception to this rule, one that comes from aftermarket developers DMC and No-Limit Custom.
DMC 458 Estremo and No-Limit-Custom Bike 5 photos
DMC 458 Estremo and No-Limit-Custom BikeDMC 458 Estremo and No-Limit-Custom BikeDMC 458 Estremo and No-Limit-Custom BikeDMC 458 Estremo and No-Limit-Custom Bike
Back in November, DMC came up with the 458 Estremo and now the tuned 458 Italia has received a nonidentical twin, in the form of a custom bike coming from No-Limit-Custom.

The motorcycle looks like something that started out in life as a Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle and it’s following the supercar’s color theme right down to the yellow brake caliper.

As for the DMC 548 Estremo, the unit used here is one of the only 15 kits being built. Let’s take a bit of time to remember that the package also includes a host of technical modifications. For instance, the 4.5-liter V8 gets a new air intake, custom exhaust and ECU remap, allowing the driver to play with an extra 22 hp, for a total of 592 hp.

Moreover, the various carbon fiber body parts brings the weight down by between 110 and 175 lbs (50-80 kg), depending on what you choose. As for the road connection, this is established with the help of a lowered suspension and a set of custom wheels measuring 20 inches up front and 21 inches at the back.

The nonidentical twins are being displayed at Top Marques Monaco these days.


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