DJI FPV Combo Cinematic Drone Will Take You on the Flight of Your Life

Drones seem to be toys to most people. However, some are designed with functions that go well beyond play, like those used in the film and photography industries, for example.
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Photo: DJI
This particular drone has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen, possibly even the coolest thing you’ve seen. It’s called the DJI FPV Combo, and as you can see, it’s a drone. Still, to consider this setup just a drone, is far from the truth. If you haven’t scrolled through the photos yet, please do so. Oh, and check out the video below; it will really do this whole trinket the most justice.

The team behind this idea is none other than DJI. Originating in Shenzhen, China, DJI is responsible for creating some of the most successful aerial drones around, not only for play but also for professional use. The company produces everything from stabilizers to batteries, cameras, drones, like the one we see here, and so much more. Some of their products are even used in fire assessment and rescue operations.

Photo: DJI
“DJI has been redefining what drones can do since our company began in 2006, and as we celebrate our 15-year anniversary this year, we honor that heritage of innovation by redefining what drone flight can be with DJI FPV. Right out of the box, DJI FPV combines the best available technology for a hybrid drone like no other," explains Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director of DJI Europe.

"It can fly like a racer, hover like a traditional drone, accelerate like a homebuilt project and stop faster than any of them. DJI FPV lets the world experience the absolute thrill of immersive drone flight without being intimidated by the technology or spending hours building a system from scratch. We can’t wait for the world to try it.”

To put it simply, when you gift yourself a Combo, you get a completely “immersive experience”. But in what? Everyone knows what a drone can do and how it moves. Now, take that drone and strap on a 4K/60fps Super-Wide 150-degree FOV camera. You can imagine what the results may be. Guess what, that’s only half of the story.

This sort of setup has been used to make videos the likes of Red Bull scenes, commercials, and a whole array of filmmaking. These functions are still available here, but with one major factor in all of it, you. What sets the Combo apart from other photo/video drones is the experience offered to the flyer, or even viewer. A pair of goggles, the DJI FPV V2, will relay the image from the camera directly to your frontal lobe. Imagine that.

Photo: DJI
Aside from a drone, a camera, and goggles, you’ll also receive a dedicated remote controller. If you happen to get bored of the X-Box-like controller, upgrade it to a Nintendo-Wii-like intuitive motion controller. This handheld device allows you to control the drone with a simple flick of the wrist. Move your wrist left to turn left, right for right, up for up, and a forward tilt to fly.

For imaging, a wide range of systems allow for ultra-smooth and stable 4K resolution video at 60 fps. RockSteady electronic image stabilization helps eliminate any inexperience the pilot may have. High-quality mode lets you see the world in 1440x810p with a latency as low as less than or equal to 40 milliseconds. Low-latency mode reduces latency and offers a cinematic shot feel. Audience mode shares the pilot’s perspective with up to eight additional goggle sets.

Photo: DJI
Three different flight modes also allow for a wide range of maneuverability and control. Normal mode is for less experienced flyers and engages several sensors and other visual positing systems used for obstacle detection and an overall safe flight. Manual mode unleashes full control of the drone. No safety features will be engaged, meaning you can corkscrew the next shot, backflip it, or whatever else your creative mind can come up with. One other mode, Sport mode, combines the two previous ones and offers a more controlled setting to explore your skills.

Now, all of this will be done at speeds up to 87 mph (140 kph), and that's not even the best part. Ready for it? The Combo will only run you $1,299.

I’ll be honest. When I first ran across the Combo, the first thing I did after finding out what the hell I just witnessed was to search for one locally. Guess what? Nearly any photo video shop has one or can get you one, and most even have a payment plan available to get moving right away. I've always wanted to know what it’s like to fly, and since I'm afraid of heights, this is the next best thing.

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