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DJ Morgan Page Buys Tesla Model X, Says He Still Loves the S

Judging by the fact he even tweeted Tesla Motors’ statement about a crew of journalists trespassing and then assaulting the company’s employees at the Gigafactory, it’s safe to say the progressive house DJ is a big fan of the brand. What tackled our interest, though, is the fact Morgan Page decided to buy the company’s fresh SUV even though he already owns the Tesla Model S.
DJ Morgan Page 1 photo
Perhaps the Model X's bio-weapon defense button was what convinced the successful DJ to place an order for it. Or maybe we’re dealing with an unusual habit that could tell us how things work in Tesla Motors’ sales department.

Just think of it, Elon Musk is betting a lot on the celebrity factor when it comes to marketing his way around the giant automakers  that his company is fighting with. You can’t just make a great electric vehicle and expect it to sell by itself, you need a change in mentality. You need motorists to accept EVs in their life, no matter how strange this sounds.

Tesla Motors’ CEO knows that and has never feared to admit it publicly. Aside from the Model X's performance, range and speed, its high-tech features are what pulled everybody’s trigger. Just think of the Falcon wing doors, for instance, or the helicopter-like cockpit visibility enhancement, not to mention the self-opening and -closing doors based on sensors.

Getting back to the artist in question and his recent purchase, you’ll want to know that he is not the only famous DJ to drive a green ride.

Deadmau5 may be noted for his Nyan Cat Purrari, but he also owns a Tesla Model S. In fact, he even had a couple of his celebrity friends on a coffee ride a couple of times, always bragging about how much he loves the Ludicrous feature his premium EV comes with.

Bottom line, if you’re planning to open up a car company, you may want to befriend with some famous people first.


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