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DIY Camper Looks Like a Magical Wood Cabin on Wheels, Has AC and Off-Grid Capabilities

David Mason is a DIYer with a knack for truck campers and leather working. We are more interested in the former, as this guy has some really eye-catching builds in his portfolio, and the best part is that his creations are usually for sale.
Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0 9 photos
Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0
Mason is the mind behind the Endgame YouTube channel, where you can take a virtual tour of various homemade artistic campers, all built entirely by him. They are all cleverly handcrafted and look like magical wood cabins on wheels. Not only do these campers look all cozy and adorable, but they are built without any planning, designing, or sketching, and the end result is still amazing.
As Dave admitted for Tiny House Blog, he hasn’t got a single sheet of paper in his garage, because he builds all the campers in his mind, and he enjoys seeing the vision of his mind take shape because it is a meditative process.

I already covered one of his latest campers, named simply Camper 4.0, which he designed to either sit on a pickup truck or be mounted on a trailer. It comes with a pull-out outdoor kitchen in the back, AC, and 400W of solar on the roof.

Now Mason just finished Camper 5.0 and even though we’re still waiting for a more in-depth tour of it, he’s offering a sneak peek of it.

Just like all his other builds, the 5.0 also has a natural, wood-based construction. It is built on a 6.5 ft (1.9 m) bed and it fits full-size pickup trucks. The camper has a total dry weight of 750 lb (340 kg), and it comes with some outdoorsy vinyl graphics on the side.

It looks pretty similar in design to the previously built Camper 4.0, featuring a slide-out kitchen in the rear and an L-shaped couch inside. The pull-out kitchen has a total length of 48” (122 cm) and the couch can also be used as a bed. In addition, there’s an overhead storage area above the couch, which can function as a bed as well. A 55L slide-out fridge is also installed under the couch/bed and there’s a storage space for a chemical toilet. The Camper 5.0 also comes with a generous countertop with a sink, plenty of other drawers and cabinets for storage, and an AC unit that can run completely off-grid, relying just on batteries and solar power.

We haven’t been offered any pricing info for the new build yet, but I’m guessing this model is also available for purchase, so if you are interested, you should contact David Mason for more details.


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