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Discontinued Airstream Sport Travel Trailer Shines On: Here's What Gems You Can Still Find
Every once in a while, I like to check back with major RV and camper manufacturers to see what they've been up to. It was here that I ran across the Airstream Sport camper, a discontinued model that has been one of the manufacturer's "longest-running" models.

Discontinued Airstream Sport Travel Trailer Shines On: Here's What Gems You Can Still Find

Sport Travel Trailer (22FB)Sport Travel Trailer (16RB)Sport Travel Trailer InteriorSport Travel Trailer InteriorSport Travel Trailer InteriorSport Travel Trailer (22FB)Sport Travel Trailer (16RB)Sport Travel Trailer (16RB)Sport Travel Trailer StorageSport Travel TrailerSport Travel Trailer (16RB)Sport Travel Trailer (16RB)
Fear not; I'm sure you can find some used, possibly new Sport campers sitting around in some dealership yard. The downside is that this model ran until 2019, so your "new" unit is three years old at best. Yet, if we consider the know-how that Airstream brings to the game, three years means nothing for travel trailers known to potentially last for decades with tender love and care. Let's see what gems we can get our hands on.

Now, like most other travel trailers from this team, the Sport, too, is built similarly, with aluminum as the base material for just about everything you see. From the frame to the exterior skin, aluminum is king and the one unmistakable feature of an Airstream. Two floorplans are said to have been available in the last run, the 16RB, a 16-foot (4.8-meter) model, and the 22FB, a 22-foot (6.7-meter) model. But, no matter which of the two versions you find, 3-4 guests is what both units can accommodate; clearly, the 22-foot version is roomier.

Aside from how these units were built, the interior layout grabbed my attention, and the floorplan responsible for influencing me was the 22FB. I imagined myself hitting the road with the missus and simply pulling over in some rest area on the western coast of the U.S. I don't even bother to unhitch anything, as we're only staying the night.

With legs stretched, I saw myself unloading a little outdoor dining set, propping it up on the edge of some cliff, and then it's off to cook the meal we'd enjoy while watching the sunset. With a couple of hours to go, the Sport's galley brings the features I need to unfurl my cooking skills. A two-burner top lets me sauté and sizzle meats and veggies, and the countertop allows me to carry out my plating skills. With 30 minutes to go, we sit under an awning and enjoy our meal. By the time we're done, the sun starts to hide behind the horizon, and the last fleeting moments of the day are enjoyed with a cup of tea. You decide to enjoy a tad of the night before heading inside.

Back in the unit, your evening activities will be guided by LED lighting and well-defined spaces to allow guests to enjoy the evening hours. While someone readies the front of the habitat for sleep, someone else could be in the bathroom, cleaning the day's dirt. Others can simply enjoy milk and cookies at the dinette before it is transformed into a bed; lights-out.

The next day, everyone is up on their feet and rested from a night in the salty sea breeze, and with coffee on an IV drip, it's time to hit the road again. Next stop, those cliffs you've been planning to climb for the past two years, but never really had a way of spending three days in the wild to do so. Now you can. Nothing to see here, just a good ol' Airstream working its magic.

But what about the sort of prices you can expect to pay for one of these? Well, in my search for information, I've stumbled across units selling on RV Trader, ranging anywhere from $45,000 (€43K at current exchange rates) to $60,000 (€57K, and that's mainly for used models). Sure, a lot of that depends on the features found inside, but Airstream was selling news base models for around $56,000, so they've kept their value if you ask me. It's an Airstream; what else did you expect?

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images in the gallery showcase an array of discontinued Airstream Sport floorplans.


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