Digitally Designed '67 Ford Mustang Fastback Escapes CGI Realm, Lands a Spot at 2022 SEMA

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback 11 photos
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/B is for Build
Ford Mustang Boss 302 Rendering by karanadiviFord Mustang Boss 302 Rendering by karanadivi1967 Ford Mustang Fastback1967 Ford Mustang Fastback1967 Ford Mustang Fastback1967 Ford Mustang Fastback1967 Ford Mustang Fastback1967 Ford Mustang FastbackYouTube Screenshot/B is for BuildYouTube Screenshot/B is for Build
It's not every day that a car rendering morphs into a real-life running unit. Our very own renders specialist Aurel Niculescu will tell you these graphic visions of 'could-have-been cars' rarely escape the CGI realm. They often spend the rest of their digital lives in the 'wishful thinking' bin. The lucky ones decorate our desktops as dopamine traps, occasionally jet-thrusting our thoughts into a wonderland. They are digital imprints of our imagination, after all.
On rare occasions, car renderings make it into real life. In the wrong hands, their hideousness will be hidden under a tarp waiting for the crusher. But in the right hands, they might just make it to international car conventions – like the anticipated 2022 SEMA show.

Chris Steinbacher of B is for Build YouTube channel has an interesting story. He bought a movie Bugatti Veyron. It had one job – getting t-boned by a cop car, and it did.

It was a wreck, of course, but Chris had other plans. Believe it or not, he wanted to turn the ex-movie Bugatti Veyron into a 1967 Mustang. And he did, but first, he had to cut it in half.

"I had to cut it in half again and again, and we welded it all back up together and put the Mustang body on it. We went a gave it a shakedown over at LS-Fest West. Drag raced it down the drag strip and said yep, that's a really good car," Chris told.

But it didn't stop there. Chris stumbled upon a rendering by pixel master Karan Adivi (a.k.a. karanadivi on Instagram). He'd done a fantastic design of a Mustang Boss 302, and Chris was compelled to make it. He had an idle Bugatti-Stang lying around after all.

"I saw this car, and I was like stunned, and I said, you know what, let's hit the brakes a little bit. Let me contact this guy and say can I build out your design in real life? And he was stoked on the idea," Chris revealed.

To bring this amazing rendering to life, Chris had to get some parts together. On his recent YouTube upload, he starts putting together the real-life version of the render. What's best, he's getting it ready to debut in the 2022 SEMA Show in collaboration with Holley.

PS: if you are curious about the build's progress, I'd advise you to watch the video below.

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