Digital GMC Sierra GT Regular Sporty Truck Has People Begging to Take Their Money

GMC Sierra GT Single/Regular Cab rendering by jlord8 7 photos
Photo: jlord8 / Instagram
GMC Sierra GT Single/Regular Cab rendering by jlord8Single/Regular Cab pickup renderings by jlord8Single/Regular Cab pickup renderings by jlord8Single/Regular Cab pickup renderings by jlord8Single/Regular Cab pickup renderings by jlord8Single/Regular Cab pickup renderings by jlord8
Alongside its Chevy Silverado sibling, General Motors proudly sells the GMC Sierra as an alternative to the legendary Ford F-Series and Ram truck options. Now in its fifth generation, some might say there is no room left to grow. But how about shrinking?
Jim, the virtual artist better known as jlord8 on social media, continues to imagine wonderful new ways of improving our feisty, off-road, or street bonanza truck dreams. A prolific pixel master, he even came up with a home for all his “photoshop’d 80s & 90s classics” called “imagination land.”

However, just because he is an ardent G-body fan and owner of a 1986 Buick Regal T-Type, that does not mean this CGI expert will ignore the contemporary developments – especially people’s love for big, hulking pickup trucks. It is just that sometimes his passenger car passion gets the better of him, and even these workhorses become “sleek grand tourers.” Well, sort of, anyway.

After playing with a few old-school cars or brands and giving them 1980s-style pickup truck alternatives, his next order of CGI business came with the decision to play with modern offerings… and just shrinking them towards more manageable dimensions, among others. It all started with a two-door GMC Hummer EV that gladly kept its off-road chops.

That “little” truck showed people are still passionate about single cab pickups, and it was relatively soon followed by equally cool stuff like a 2022 Ram 1500 TRX “Single Cab” and a Chevy Silverado ZR2 two-door with similar modifications. But then inspiration struck, and both were quickly turned into virtual sport trucks: Silverado ZL1 and Ram TRX Street (fighter) editions!

Now, since it all started with a GMC, it would only be fitting to conclude with another GMC. If this digital series has indeed reached its natural end, then Jim’s new GMC Sierra GT would be the one even the artist would take home. Plus, the regular cab sport truck is “black on black,” of course, and there are enough fans already begging to “take all their money!

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Editor's note: Gallery includes previous Single/Regular cab pickup truck projects by the same author

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