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Did Formula 1 Star Felipe Massa Order This Black LaFerrari? [Updated]

He’s 33 and already owns several Formula 1 awards, but what we all want to know is the car this Brazilian star is driving off-track. Rumors are Felipe Massa recently “subscribed” to the exclusive 499 LaFerrari drivers club. What is even better (or worse) is that this one comes finished in a strange Nero paint, which is pretty rare. 
Felipe Massa LaFerrari 6 photos
Felipe Massa's LaFerrariFelipe Massa's LaFerrariFelipe Massa's LaFerrariFelipe Massa's LaFerrariFelipe Massa next to his LaFerrari
It turns out moving to the Williams-Mercedes team was not that bad for this fellow, considering he’s now riding high-class and hyper fast. The hypercar was seen/photographed in Monaco and rumors are it actually belongs to the Brazilian racer. Whether it does or it doesn’t, it’s a hell of a car and you know it.

What stands out before anything else, however, is the car’s strong color. It’s finished in a Dark Knight-ish Nero paint that sort of makes you think twice when approaching it and taking a selfie. Some would call it a bit too much, but we have to admit the red accents on the edges of the carbon lips, the side mirrors and on the brake calipers are quite the deal.

LaFerrari is the hypercar model the Italian's created to face the newly race the auto industry has started a couple of years ago, a place where monster engines are combined with electric motors to create a new generation of hypercars. We’re not discussing which of the brands is the best, but we would like to remind you a couple of specs that make this beast a wonder.

LaFerrari is powered by a 6.2-liter V12 engine that develops a stunning 789 naturally aspirated horsepower. The electric engine adds another 161 horsepower which makes this hypercar reach an output of 950 horsepower. 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes less than three seconds. It’s just like these rappers keep repeating, 0 to 100 real quick...

What do we think about an F1 driver buying a LaFerrari? It’s almost natural if you think they were made to hit the road as easy as they race the track.

Update: It turns out it really is Massa's ride as we just found a photograph picturing him next to the car.


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