Did Fernando Alonso Get a Honda Civic Type R?

It seems the Honda Civic Type R is so hot that even celebrities love it. Mind you, we're not talking about the kind of celebrities that earn their living through scandals and reality television, but about champions of motorsport.
Did Fernando Alonso Get a Honda Civic Type R? 1 photo
As of 2015, Fernando Alonso has left Scuderia Ferrari and is working with the fine fellows at McLaren. It hasn't been that great a year for them, as Mercedes took home a 1-2 podium finish. However, the Spanish driver no longer has to concern himself with past mistakes and can unwind with the help of the new Honda Civic Type R.

A few hours ago, Alonso posted this photo of the brand new Honda hot hatch on his Instagram account. Normally, people take a walk on beach or play sudoku when they need to blow off some steam while a high-strung VTEC engine is the last thing they need.

However, when you race one of the fastest single-seats in the world, a Civic probably doesn't seem that scary, even if it has a giant wing. But we need to remind you guys that this is the fastest production FWD car ever to lap the Nurburgring, so it needs to be taken seriously.

So, has Alonso just bought the red rocket? Probably not. This hatchback is made in Swindon, England, by McLaren's motorsport partners at Honda. So either the F1 star got one for free, or he is posing next to it as a publicity stunt.

Because most formula cars use automatic gearboxes, drivers are sometimes awkward around a manual gearbox, which the Civic Type R has. Alonso has never been a big car collector, though he has owned a Maserati GranTurismo, Ferrari 599 GTB, 458 Italia and a Nissan GT-R. He has also bought a few more awkward cars, like a Clio RS 197 and a Megane Coupe. The hot Honda has a few things in common with those two.


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