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Diamondback’s Union 2 e-Bike Looks Like It Can Handle a Bit More Than Just Tarmac
In order to make it in this big world, you’ve got to adapt to survive. This holds true for all beings as it does for businesses too. One American brand that’s keeping up with shifting times is Diamondback with their Union 2 urban romping e-bike.

Diamondback’s Union 2 e-Bike Looks Like It Can Handle a Bit More Than Just Tarmac

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Diamondback is a team that’s been present in the bicycle game since 1977. Founded in Kent, Washington, I feel it’s one of those American bicycle brands that’s been through quite a bit of chaos, and at the end of the day, made it out of the fray with flying colors. Heck, they’re still alive and producing bikes; that alone is a feat.

Nowadays, this crew is keeping up with shifting trends by putting forth e-bikes that can do a bit more than just cruise around town. One bike in the lineup is known as the Union 2; an electrified aluminum wonder made to keep Diamondback on the cycling map. Normally, this manufacturer is known for their mountain bikes, but they may soon be known for their e-bikes as well.

As you may have picked up from the previous paragraph, this bike is completed using aluminum as the frame’s base material. One stand apart feature of the frame is the massive downtube which also houses the bike’s battery.

Since I’m on the subject of battery, it’ll be good to know that the Union is equipped with a Bosch PowerTube 500, filled with 500 Wh of juice. Now, you know what all that means, right? It means that Bosch likes to work best with Bosch, so you can expect the motor to also be a Bosch component. Well, it is.

Moving you and the bike along is a Performance Line Speed motor with 85 Nm (62.6 lb-ft) of torque and an assist up to 28 mph (45 kph). Unlike other urban bikes that are currently being revealed by other manufacturers, Diamondback decided to sacrifice range for power on the Union 2. That couldn’t be more obvious in the fact that front brakes use a solid 180 mm (7.08 in) rotor, while the rear is 160 mm (6.3 in).

One important thing to know about bikes meant for urban riding is that they rarely include a suspension system; manufacturers assume we have glass streets. Since the Union 2 doesn’t include any suspension system either, you have to rely on tires to take care of your city’s potholes. To reduce vibrations and shocks, aside from the aluminum rims on hand, a pair of 27.5-inch Schwalbe Super Moto tires with a 2.4-inch diameter should be just fine for city riding, even a less paved detour.

By the looks of the mounts on the bike, and the fact the Diamondback showcases this sucker with racks, fender, and all, leads me to believe that the Union is more than ready to handle some other types of surfaces, as long as there are no drops. You may need to change the tires if you’re looking to do something like gravel riding, however.

For the rest of the drivetrain, classic Shimano makes their appearance with a Deore setup and tuned to 10 speeds with a KMC x10e EPT, e-bike specific chain. With everything displayed on a Bosch Kiox and controls at finger’s length, you should be set to achieve some of the fastest grocery runs in your neighborhood.

How much is the Union 2 going to run you? Well, considering the components it has, Diamondback seems to have priced this creature rather fairly as other bikes on the market are found around this price range or higher; $4,100 (€3,540 at current exchange rates). Worth considering, if you ask me.


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