DHL Brings Its Logistics Expertise to a Reputable Brazilian eVTOL Manufacturer

Over the past few years, logistics and delivery companies have looked at drones and eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing) as potential green alternatives to conventional vehicles. In other words, electric air vehicles could soon form the backbone of innovative delivery fleets. At the same time, the manufacturers of these electric air taxis can also use the expertise of major logistics operators to their own benefit.
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Eve Is Partnering With DHL for a Logistics StudyEve Is Partnering With DHL for a Logistics StudyEve Is Partnering With DHL for a Logistics StudyEve Is Partnering With DHL for a Logistics StudyEve Is Partnering With DHL for a Logistics StudyEve Is Partnering With DHL for a Logistics StudyEve Is Partnering With DHL for a Logistics Study
If you see Eve Air Mobility and DHL in the same sentence, you might be tempted to assume that DHL is planning to add electric air taxis to its fleet. In this case, however, we're talking about a different kind of collaboration. DHL Supply Chain will share "secrets of the trade" with the Brazil-headquartered eVTOL manufacturer.

The two just signed an agreement with the clear purpose of taking Eve's future supply chain and logistics operations to the next level. As new-generation aircraft, eVTOLs are at the center of entirely new ecosystems. Infrastructure is one of the challenges behind this, and logistics is another one. This particular partnership will focus on the logistics aspect of Eve's future AAM (advanced air mobility) ecosystem.

The general public is looking forward to the moment when electric air taxis will finally be waiting for customers at dedicated vertiports. Yet a lot of work needs to go on behind the scenes to make this happen. The industry's main focus until now was on the certification process for these new types of aircraft. Most major manufacturers are already close to the finish line, which means it's time to take a closer look at commercial operations and all the processes behind them

This is what DHL and Eve are doing. They'll look at how to deliver batteries, spare parts, and other components to commercial operators, on the one hand, and future maintenance and repair centers, on the other hand. This complex study will try to determine best practices related to these operations by looking at all the pieces of the puzzle, including logistics requirements, delivery frequency, means of transportation, and physical locations.

DHL's underlying goal with all of this will be to follow its sustainable model for future operations. This means it's not just about efficiency but also about trying to reduce the inherent environmental impact of the supply chain as much as possible.

Eve Air Mobility laid low for a while compared to its global competitors before coming on strong this year with a bold claim. Unexpectedly, the Brazilian manufacturer says it officially boasts the largest number of pre-orders in the industry, with a backlog of 2,850 units.

Eve's confidence comes from its association with one of the most reputable aircraft giants worldwide. Embraer, the Brazilian manufacturer with a solid reputation in both commercial and military sectors, launched Eve as its AAM company, expected to ensure the same level of reliability and technological performance.
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