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Development of Suspension Updates for Toyota GT86 Under Way

The Toyota GT86 is immensely fun to drive, with a frisky yet controllable chassis which allows the driver to make pinpoint adjustments using only the throttle, or steering, or both - in harmony. However, the engineer behind its suspension setup is still not completely pleased with the result, according to
Tetsuya Tada 1 photo
Chief engineer Tetsuya Tada and assistant chief engineer Yoshinori Sasaki were recently in Scotland, testing some revised settings on the car’s shock absorbers and aerodynamics. Tada says that they are still not 100% pleased with how the car currently handles, as he says that some people claim that it oversteers too much. He also said that the handling benchmark they are aiming for is, in fact, the Porsche Cayman - an almost unbeatable package.

Keeping the same philosophy that Nissan has with the GT-R, that of constant and ongoing development and improvement, the Toyota GT86 will only get better and better, and if this first generation car is already very good, as you may have read in our recent test drive, we can only imagine what improvements it will receive in coming years - it will hopefully get a turbo kit as well.


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