Developing a Long-Term Relationship with Your Car

Do you feel nostalgic after things that used to be fashionable twenty years ago? Or are you the kind of person that gets bored extremely easily and craves for getting the newest stuff? If you're the kind of conservative woman, you might have long-term plans... with your recently-bought car. In this case, you're probably interested in purchasing a new vehicle for you may want to be the first and the last (highly unlikely but why not?) that sits her mini skirt on its driver's seat.

But if you are as changing as weather in Great Britain, the probability of keeping  your car more than five years is strongly reduced when confronted with the-need-to-make-a-change desire. In this situation, if you're smart enough, you won't invest in a new vehicle because its value decreases heavily in the first year after purchase, rather you'd be satisfied with what others have been bored with.

No matter the case, your vehicle must be in good shape: to resist in a long-term marriage with you or to get a good price when you have to say good-bye. Here's what you can do to keep your vehicle looking and running like new:

Drive carefully

Women are usually no road-hogs but there are certainly exceptions that confirm the rule. In case you want to improve your vehicle's life expectancy, it's advisable not to race the engine. Try to proceed cautiously and refrain from driving at high speeds. That means that you should observe speed limits both for your own protection and for your car's well being. Remember it's sometimes better to be late at the destination than sooner at the cemetery. Both you and your car... Moreover, remember you're not an F1 racing driver and that's why, you should avoid making fast turns, fast starts or fast stops. Anything that is related to fast is on the Don't-do list. Also both for your comfort and your car's good maintenance, try to avoid potholes and drive slowly over railroad tracks.

Avoid luggage in excess

Asking a woman to consider what things are really necessary to take when traveling is as useless as speaking to the car's windows. However, if you do care about your vehicle's good condition, try to imagine yourself carrying a huge rucksack weighing about 30 kilos while hiking on the mountain. Your car might be iron-made and have no human feelings but remember it surely has some limitations. Don't overburden your vehicle just for the sake of having your entire house with you on holiday! How many times did you use only 15% of the things you took?

What's more, your car chain needs to lose some significant weight. You just have to remove all the unnecessary stuff and it can compete in Miss World Key Chain Contest at the slimmest car items category. Experts say the weight of your keychain may lead to ignition switch failure.

Refueling, sweet refueling...

You like records don't you? The most handsome man in the world, the cutest bag, the most beautiful dress ever, the nicest car... then what if you set some of your own records when filling up?! Try to keep special attention to gas mileage.

I know you dislike refueling and you'd prefer to do anything else in the world than filling your car up (except perhaps changing a tire). But try to think: how would you like to feel your stomach empty when not even being on diet? Then, feed your vehicle regularly because keeping your tank filled will prevent condensation from accumulating in the tank.

Clean and tidy

Having a shower is always relaxing and fun. Same goes for your vehicle, try to imagine! Therefore, in your weekly routine, try to include the washing of your car. From the same category: try to park it in a shady place, the garage or, in case, you don't have one, use a car cover.

However, what sparkles on the outside should also shine on the inside. Do you like apples that look beautifully on the outside and after the first bite, you realize it's all rotten? If you understand the comparison and you definitely got it as you're a smart girl, from now on, try to vacuum and clean the interior regularly. Also, use floor mats and fiber cloths. If you're in the category of those who happen to possess leather seats, use leather cleaner and a leather protectant. In case the seats are fabric, use an upholstery cleaner and a fabric protectant. Keep a towel handy in order to clean spills and crumbs. Last but not least, don't forget the tire and wheel cleaner and refilling  windshield wiper fluid before it runs out.

Tires and icky stuff

No one asked you to change a tire even it goes flat. No! It's not your responsibility, not at all. Well, actually it is but because it's such an ordeal to do it, you're so lucky God invented fathers, husbands and boyfriends! Although the tire chapter appears not to be written for women, there are, however, a few things they could read about. For instance, checking the tire pressure and keeping tires at proper inflation levels. Checking valve caps on tires and replacing them if needed might not be so difficult to do.

As for the oil part, it might be icky but changing it when needed or as the service manual recommends shouldn't be so much trouble. In fact, here's what you could do: just imagine you're in the kitchen and you have to make some fries but your husband has left the pan dirty with some already fried oil in it. If you manage to clean the pan and add new oil in it, you'll certainly succeed in changing the oil of your beloved vehicle.

And since we're at the do-the-dishes chapter, clean your engine using a brush and grease cutting with detergent or engine cleaning products. Check the battery and keep it as clean as possible, wiping it and its posts with a clean cloth or rag.

Regular checking

Although you might think your vehicle is in the best condition ever, this is no excuse to save the time of taking your car for a walk to the mechanic. By scheduling routine maintenance, you will certainly avoid unpleasant surprises. It's like going to the doctor regularly. You know you're healthy, the doctor might confirm your diagnostic but there might be cases when he'll see things you don't. Same for your car: you're perhaps the most intuitive person ever and might have the impression that you know everything about your vehicle but remember that even geniuses have made mistakes! Don't underestimate the power of a mechanic!

Of course the list might continue with “Don't forget to turn off the lights”, “Use carriers when transporting pets” and so on. But remember that any relationship can end all of a sudden for no apparent reason. It's important to keep your integrity and not cry if it ends. You already know the story: it wasn't meant to be. Especially when it comes to cars: the chances to be engine mates for life and even after are incredibly low! If it wasn't the one and only, there are millions of cars in the world awaiting for your choice!
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