Devastator and The Fallen from Transformers 2 Unveiled

There are still a few months left until June when the so-much expected blockbuster Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is released but producers want to stir our curiosity even more, so they keep luring us with pieces of a puzzle to be complete only after we see the movie.

After enticing us with a trailer at this year's Super Bowl, the first high quality images of what the fully constructed Devastator will look like as well as a detailed  colored image of “The Fallen” were released, has learned.

In the 30-second Super Bowl spot for Revenge of the Fallen we had the possibility to take a first look at one of the Constructions  - which represent only one component that makes up Devastator. That moment we thought it was huge but now when we see the complete image, we tend to say the Devastator is not only incredibly and unexpectedly huge but also extremely scary. In addition, it seems to be made of several construction vehicles but so far we don't know the exact names of all of its components.

And to be honest, we bet it will destroy quite a lot in the film just as a scary Devastator should do. All we hope is that after going to the cinema and watching the movie as we're hardly waiting to, we won't have any nightmares the following week.

As for “The Fallen”, apart from the fact that it looks scary enough itself, our opinion is that it is way too skinny to inspire power. In fact, the more we look at it, the more we come to realize it might disintegrate at its first battle. Of course, this is only our humble opinion and we're pretty sure the director has better plans with the Fallen. Buy hey, no hard feelings! If that's how it looks like...
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