Desperate Ferrari Guys Trying to Drift in Monaco: Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Now that drifting has finally gained the attention it deserves, we're starting to see the first side effects of the sideways trends and Monaco, one of the world's supercar capitals, provides a visible example.
Ferrari 458 trying to drift in Monaco 1 photo
The issue is that tons of drivers, most of which happen to sit behind the wheel of supercars, got the idea that drifting will earn one street credibility. Nevertheless, instead of trying to prove their sometimes-absent skills on the track or at least in an empty parking lot, these guys go at it on the street.

And when such a phenomenon takes places on the narrow roads of Monaco, crashes are literally just around the corner.

Fortunately, the compilation we've brought you today doesn't include any accidents. Instead, we want to show you a few Ferrari drivers, along with a BMW owner, who show they have no understanding of how the slip angle craft works.

These drivers are trying to slide their rear-wheel-drive machines in Monaco, with some of them even ignoring traffic. Our conclusion here is simple: any driver who knows a thing or two about drifting won't even attempts such maneuvers, simply because the limited space doesn't allow for proper drifting.

Sure, a competition vehicle with a hydraulic handbrake could put on quite a show, but until we'll get to live in an idyllic world where the city-state also houses a drifting stage alongside the F1 race, slides are best kept for other parts of the world.

Alas, the failed stunts we see in the clip below only come to answer the question we asked last week, when we showed you a pair of McLaren drivers stopping Monaco traffic for an impromptu flaming exhaust battle. Since parading your supa-car through the city-state doesn't seem to be enough these days, attention beggars are become more and more aggressive, threatening to ruin the fun for everybody.

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