Depending on Who You Ask, the Piggyback Driver Helmet Is Brilliant or Terrible

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Piggyback Driver helmetPiggyback Driver helmetPiggyback Driver helmetPiggyback Driver helmetPiggyback Driver helmetPiggyback Driver helmet
Most parents, especially those on the male side, like to carry their kids on their shoulders - at least up to a certain age (make that weight), that is. It's fun for the kids, and if it makes them laugh and forget about whatever it was they were whining about a moment earlier, then it's fun for the grown-ups as well.
But there are a few problems with this transportation method. First of all, you need strong arms to lift your kids over your head. Second, you need strong shoulders and back to support their weight. Third, and most important, the kids have a tendency of acting as if the parent's whole face was just a weirdly shaped handlebar, so they grab anything they can get their hands on. That includes cheeks, eye sockets and, in a worst-case scenario, the few threads of hair that dad still has left on his head.

Now, a company called PARTY is trying to push for a solution to this age-old problem by promoting its latest invention: the wrongly-named Piggyback Driver helmet. As we all know, a piggyback ride is when somebody sits on the other person's back, with their legs on each side held up by the carrier's arms. But going past this technicality, let's see what the Piggyback Driver helmet has to offer.

The answer will differ depending on which side of it you find yourself. Predictably, the kids get all the fun. The top of the helmet has three important features: one is the handlebar that can be swung either way, prompting the two LED strips on each side to signal accordingly. The second is a Turbo button that will send an electric shock into the parent's brain, informing them the little tyrant is in a hurry. No, seriously, we have no idea how it works, but it's supposed to tell father to pick up the pace somehow. Finally, there is a horn button, which we imagine is there to teach the little ones proper road manners from an early age.

Say what you will, but I would have been ecstatic if my father showed up one day wearing this. If anything, it makes for a much more comfortable ride offering something to hold on to. If the idea goes through, we imagine there will be more designs as well, including a dirt bike to be used while trekking. We can also imagine a new way for kids to have fun at the playground: dad-racing, complete with an underground baseball cards betting side-business.

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