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Denmark Wants Europe to Completely Ban Diesel and Gasoline Cars

Come 2050, Europe plans on becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent. That means reducing all CO2 emissions to a minimum and offsetting what remains through various climate protection programs. And to get there, it needs, among other things, to ditch internal combustion cars.
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As the people who will lead the European Union for the next few years are just beginning to assume their offices, EU’s environment ministers met in Luxembourg at the end of last week to talk about the action plan.

There, the representative of Denmark, allegedly backed by ten other countries, called for the complete phase out of all diesel and gasoline-powered cars by 2030.

This is an idea that was initially to be implemented by the Danes in their own country, but they were forced to ditch it because such a ban would have violated European regulations. That will no longer be the case if the entire Union gets behind the idea though. 

The Luxembourg summit marks the first time the EU is looking to move against ICE cars in an organized manner. To date, several countries announced they plan to individually ban the sale of mostly diesel cars, under certain conditions, over the next few decades.

It’s unclear whether the new proposal would be met with open arms by all the member states, or whether the plan could be enforced at a Union level.

Denmark however plans to make an alliance with the countries that supported the proposition (unclear at this point exactly what countries), hoping to draw others to their side over time. The group plans to work with the carmakers on the continent to achieve its goals.

As per the broader plan to fight climate change, Europe targets a 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, and plans to reach net-zero level by 2050. At least, that’s the general idea, as debates on the subject still rage in the European Council.

Just as elsewhere in the world, the sale of electric cars is on the rise in Europe, and demand will probably continue to grow in the coming years.


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