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Denmark Wages War on Fossil-Fueled Cars to Make Room for a Million EVs

If you’re a fan of ICE-powered cars in Denmark now it might be a good time considering to either switch to an EV as fast as possible or forget about owning a car completely.
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If you don’t, the Danish government apparently plans to not only heavily subsidize electric cars even more but also increase ownership costs for fossil-fueled cars until they pretty much become a luxury item that not everyone can afford.

Part of a larger plan to cut the country’s greenhouse emissions by 70 percent by 2030 compared to the level it had in 1990, Denmark’s government want to go all-out against passenger cars powered by internal combustion engines.

The motor commission has submitted a thorough analysis of the options for getting more green cars, which I look forward to reading. The government wants a green transition. Given that transport comprises a good 25 percent of total CO2 emissions, cars are an important step to achieving the government’s 70 percent (emissions reduction) goal by 2030,” tax minister Morten Bødskov said in the statement.

Owning a gasoline or diesel-fueled car in Denmark will thus be made a lot more expensive through a number of measures, while the total number of EVs will need to be increased to about 750,000 units by 2030.

An annual tax of 1,000 kroner (about 134 euros or $159) will be enforced on ICE-powered cars that use Danish roads, while a liter of gasoline or diesel will cost 1 krone more each year by 2030. To make matters worse, each EV owner will receive an annual subsidy of 2,500 krone (334 EUR or $396) until 2030 as well.

According to the country’s climate plan, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 3.4 million tons each year by 2030, and to fulfill that goal the number of fossil-fueled cars will need to be drastically reduced. The government's motor commision says that a million EVs could cut emissions by 1.5 million tons by themselves.


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