Denali SoundBomb 120 dB Horn Spells Road Terror – Video

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Denali SoundBomb 120 dB HornDenali SoundBomb 120 dB HornDenali SoundBomb 120 dB HornDenali SoundBomb 120 dB HornDenali SoundBomb 120 dB Horn
Meet the SoundBomb, an aftermarket motorcycle horn which is extremely powerful and which might help you fend off danger off… at least in certain cases. At times, the SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You) excuse is credible to a certain degree, but this does little to nothing at all to soothe pain and repair a damaged motorcycle (even though insurance money would care for the latter). When riding in danger-filled traffic, making use of the bike’s horn can help riders avoid collisions, as some of the other motorists will become more alert at the sound of the horn.
Still, if the drivers are distracted, listening to music or radio at high volumes or chatting with others in the car, the feeble sound of your bike’s honk might not get through to their ear drums. However, the situation might change dramatically if you’ll be using the Denali SoundBomb, the latest addition to the aftermarket horns line-up.

A two-tone horn 4 times louder than a stock one

The Denali SoundBomb is sold by R&G and sports a tough-as-nails one-piece design which its maker claims is almost indestructible. While a bike crash will definitely prove R&G wrong, they say that the indestructibility concerns its resilience against vibrations and elements. The device is fairly small and installing it on any bike will not add too much bulk. Even more, its inconspicuous design does not impact even the sleekest cruisers.

Now, truth is that the SoundBomb might not be street-legal in all countries, but it’s worth a risk. While the average bike horn is 100 dB loud, the Denali delivers a monstrous 120 dB sound pressure level, which, due to the logarithmic nature of the measurement unit, means about 4 times louder. For the sake of comparison, loudspeakers at a rock/metal concert are usually 121-123 db units…

SoundBomb will draw 20 amps from your bike’s electrical system, and this means you’d better check your machine’s wiring before installing and using it. The price is a very neat one, as the Denali SoundBomb retails in the UK for around £33 ($50 or €44), and with some extra £15 ($23 or €20) for the mounting brackets and wiring harness. Frankly, this looks like one of the best road safety upgrades one can install on a motorcycle and we’re definitely spreading the news.

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