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DeLorean Will Reveal a Concept on May 31 – It May Not Be the EVolved

DeLorean once said that its electric concept car inspired by the DMC-12 would make its world premiere at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance in August. Despite that, the company now presents a countdown clock on its website pointing to May 31 as the date of the presentation of a concept. We have a hunch it is not the EVolved. In fact, EVolved may not even be a unique model but rather what led the company to create it.
DeLorean made a countdown clock to reveal its first concept, but it does not seem to be the EVolved 7 photos
DeLorean made a countdown clock to reveal its first concept, but it does not seem to be the EVolvedDeLorean made a countdown clock to reveal its first concept, but it does not seem to be the EVolvedThe DeLorean teaser reminds us of a Ferrari TestarossaIf you match the tail lights with those of a previous teaser...... this is what the car would look likeThis is the proportion we achieve in our first exercise, showing a vehicle with more rounded lines
In a tweet about the reveal date, DeLorean invited its followers to see the car 24 hours before the general public and finished it with the hashtag #DeLoreanEVolved. The image used in it is the same one we published on May 4.

In that text, we stressed that the width was different from that in the picture we created using a previous teaser. As it revealed half of the car, we doubled it and put them together to get a glimpse of the final vehicle. However, the general proportions in the new teaser picture did not seem to match those from the first teaser.

Although it could be a matter of perspective, we wanted to make sure that was the case. Using the latest image DeLorean disclosed, we tried to mate its taillights with those of the first teaser. The resulting car would be ridiculously wide, as you can see in our gallery.

That suggests the vehicle we will see on May 31 is not the one that DeLorean will present on August 18 at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. Joost de Vries already said that the company will show four concept cars until the beginning of July. That’s 90 days from the interview with Electrify News in which he disclosed that.

Considering how much the latest teaser reminds us of a Ferrari Testarossa, it could be a picture of the concept representing the 1990s. We’ll later have one for the 2000s and a third one for the 2010s before we see the EV that will reach production lines.

Again, although DeLorean is repeating EVolved in many of these teasers, it may not refer to a single model but rather to the process that led it here. If it indeed does, the hashtag might be just a way to connect all concepts to the EVolved. Only De Vries and his team will be able to answer that.

The only thing we can say for sure right now is that the first teaser and the last one do not seem to belong to the same car. Yes, we could be wrong, but that's what the pictures tell us. Whatever DeLorean decides to call these concepts, the entire process definitely has our attention.


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