DeLorean Stars in Neon-Colored 80s Style Mood Film

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The DeLorean is a car that's shrouded in the mist of time and legend, probably even more so than the Lamborghini Countach. Back in its glory days, it wasn't that fast or exciting to drive, not to mention it suffered from a number of reliability problems, but its design makes it a symbol of an era.
And it's that idea that film director Florian Renner wanted to capture with his groovy retro creation that presents the distilled essence of the 1980s. The DMC-12 is going at full speed though a neon-light city that's not unlike the Tron universe. The streets are wide and long, corners are taken at a perfect 90 degree angle and cars leave neon lines in their wake.

Without showing the driver, the footage focuses on the retro-futuristic digital counted of the DeLorean. As the car speed up, there's a hint of "Back to the Future", but the main cinematic element comes from Steven Lisberger's Tron, which ironically is another great product of the 1980s.

As for the music, well, we think it's inspired by the soundtrack from Blade Runner, but there's a hint of Kavinsky in there as well. The French DJ's music also takes inspiration from the era of electro, big hair and spandex clothing. His awesome soundtrack headlined by song "Nightcall" was probably the only redeeming feature of the movie Drive with Ryan Goslin.

Before the cult science fiction movie Back to the Future started showing in cinemas everywhere in 1985, the DeLorean DMC-12 was a relatively unknown automobile. Built in Dunmurry of Northern Ireland and in Houston, Texas, it came with gullwing doors, but had only 130 horsepower coming from its V6 engine. Hardly the stuff of legend, but unlike the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, people never grew out of it.

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