DeLorean Doesn’t Waste Time, Marks Its Promised Comeback with Weird Video Ad

We’re more than thrilled about the relaunch of the DeLorean brand, the iconic car maker that managed to capture everyone’s attention even though it only ever did produce one model. And it wasn’t really any good.
DeLorean DMC-12 new ad 1 photo
But what it lacked in power and reliability, it more than made up for with its character - it was basically a car in total opposition to most of today’s brand new vehicles. You bought it because your heart told you so, not because it offered the best-in-class fuel efficiency and extended warranty. You cursed at it constantly, but you loved it to bits.

Luckily for those who still like the car’s design but never got the chance to experience the joy of having one - a pristine model is hard to come by, and you really don’t want a poor example of a car not renowned for its reliability in the first place - a new federal highway bill released last December finally allows low-volume manufacturers to produce and sell up to 325 replicas per year. That means the DeLorean company located in Humble, Texas, can now expand its restoration business and actually make new cars based on the beautiful DMC-12. And it didn’t waste any time to announce it would.

To show everybody that it’s not just spirits getting high and that it really means business, DeLorean came up with a video ad that we’ll admit to being a little too cryptical for us, but maybe you’ll have more luck reading in between the lines.

It’s got atmosphere, we’ll give it that, but what it doesn’t have - at least not for the average Joes that we are - is a lot of connections with reality. If it was supposed to be like one of those movies you have to watch at least twice to make some sense out of it, we’re way past our third hitting of the replay button, but to no avail.

The spot is called “Lucky Coin” and features a young man and his DeLorean DMC-12. The clip is fortunately free of dynamic shots with the car driving fast or sliding around, featuring instead some beautiful footage of a brisk cruise through a canyon road. The slow pace of the video creates the sense that it’s all building up for something big towards the end, but we can’t say if it’s there or not. It’s better to watch the clip yourself, and if you think you get what it all means, drop a line below.


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