Definitely NOT the Way to Stop a Motorcycle

Not the safest brake that day 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Over-braking with the front wheel is probably one of the most common mistakes new riders make. Unfortunately, once the front washes out, the bike's a goner, and in most such cases, a crash is imminent. Fate did not make an exception for this rider, either.
Now, the strong educational message of this video is that riding a motorcycle is about so much more than remaining balanced. The traffic can be such a bitch at times, and riding on the highway is not making things any easier.

In fact, with more vehicles in more lanes, even at lower speeds, the chances that someone makes a mistake are growing rapidly, so extra care and skills are even more valuable.

For starters, understanding traffic can solve a lot of problems and help a rider avoid getting in trouble. As sometimes problems can't be avoided altogether, being confident in one's skills and knowing how to react accordingly can also help minimize the nasty results of a dangerous situation.

Failure to spot the traffic light

Needless to say, none of the above applied this time. The rider is hesitant, possibly even a bit afraid, and this doesn't help at all. And to make things worse, neither the rider nor the driver in front of him seemed to be aware that the traffic light would change.

The white car passing in the leftmost lane is jumping the yellow, whereas the (smart) is stopping, like everyone else. While this can happen to anyone, knowing how to react better in such cases is a very effective way to stay rubber side down.

Fortunately, it looks like the ego took the biggest damage, with both bike and rider being able to carry on, seemingly in one piece. Until the bruises are healed and the paint dries on the fairing, this fellow will have some time to figure out that he has to exercise his braking...

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