Decorate your Car for Christmas

Well, the lights are twinkling, the Christmas tree is already decorated, carols are floating in the air and your car is not fully introduced to the Christmas spirit yet. Just imagine: everything around your sweet car is sparkling while it has to be satisfied only with its Xenon headlights, in case it has some. In fact the situation is pretty similar to seeing a trendy dress in the shop window but not having enough money to pay for it. You wouldn't want to see the disappointment in your vehicle's headlights when seeing everything is dressed up for Christmas excepting it. After all, in the past months it has been your most truthful friend (leaving aside the moment when one of those damn tires went flat) and certainly deserve a generous reward. Come on, let's have some Christmas honesty here: what could you possibly want more than going in a family visit with Jingle Bells all around your car? Seriously speaking, since shopping fever has taken full command of you these days, you might think to add some decorations for your car in the basket. It won't cost a fortune although you might need to give up that snake-leather bag you spotted last week. The picture of your car decorated for Christmas will be priceless... Think about crazy lights
If wreaths are not enough decorations for your beloved car, you can always have a back-up solution: illuminate your vehicle with holiday lights. Nowadays, you can easily find lights which are powered by batteries. In case you search all the town and find no battery powered lights, you might just as well resort to an adapter and plug the lights into your vehicle's electrical outlets. You can personalize your car for Christmas by stringing these lights from the inside of your car. Be sure you will arouse envy from your friends if you were the first one to put the idea into practice.

Garnish your car with a Christmas wreath

To be honest, a Christmas wreath will never be old-fashioned or sign of owner's bad taste. The best part is that you shouldn't worry about matching the colors: a Christmas wreath will fit a red Toyota just as well as it goes with a silver Audi.

What's more, wreaths can come with bows or other decorations attached. Just pay attention to the size: make sure the wreath you choose is appropriate for the type of vehicle you drive.

In case you're way too busy to go to a craft store, you may find plenty of wreaths on the Internet. Once you get your beautiful nails on the wreath, you can easily hang it on the front bumper of your car, but be sure it's secure. Otherwise you might lose it on your way.

Exercise your artistic skills

There's no one on the world who hasn't an artistic side so all you have to do is let yourself driven by your infinite imagination and paint a holiday scene on your car windows. It's not that difficult after all and you don't need to be Picasso to create it. Some window paint can change your car into a winter wonderland. You can buy it from any craft store, supermarket or online shop in a variety of colors. Certainly you won't be given any awards for your masterpiece but there are good chances you'll gain the admiration of the passers-by. Yet, make sure you can still see out of your windows when driving. You wouldn't want your masterwork become an obstruction in observing the traffic rules.

Don't forget about the twinkling stars

Since we're still at your artistic face, you might just consider creating your own little stars. In fact, stars remind everyone about Christmas. You can use some craft paper to design them. Also try to put up some lighted bulbs. If you happen to have a small hanging bulb inside your car, you can tie the little stars with a string around the bulb.

Magnetic car decorating letters and magnetic bulbs

During the Christmas season, it won't be hard to find a magnetic letter kit to wish a “Merry Christmas” so you might just opt for such a decoration for your car. You can also choose bulb magnetic decorations to make your motor look more sparkling. The most popular colors for this season are green, yellow, white and blue, in case you want to be up-to-date to Christmas spirit.

Bumper stickers

Try to find flashing bumper stickers with a message related to the Christmas season or personalize it with your own words. In this way, you can spread the message of Christmas. Bumper stickers are nothing new but a Christmas-themed one will certainly make passers-by smile. And you as well since you made a good deed in the season of sharing and giving.

Bobble head Santa

Let's just not ignore the character who brings us gifts under the Christmas tree each and every year... if we behaved well. But since all of us have been such good girls, Santa Claus will surely be present in our homes this year. And since we're speaking about him, a Santa bobbling with the moving car can be a really funny decoration for your car. You can place it on the back deck of the vehicle but make sure you use appropriate adhesives so that you don't lose it until you reach your destination.

Ho, ho, ho! With Santa and Rudolph the red nose reindeer on the bonnet, your darling vehicle is now more than ready to welcome Christmas.
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