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Decked Out and All-Season XploreRV XR22 Trailer Boasts Near Indestructible Build
Recent news has brought to light a company known as Imperial Outdoors. What’s so special about this team? Well, if you happened to catch a glimpse of the previous article we featured on this team, you’d know what you’re up against.

Decked Out and All-Season XploreRV XR22 Trailer Boasts Near Indestructible Build

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Imperial Outdoors is a team out of Saint Croix River Valley, Wisconsin, and since it’s American Month here at autoevolution, I thought it would be nice to see what other great RV gear can come out of the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Currently, this crew is operating as a brand of Nelson Industries, a group with over ten years' experience in building a different kind of RV structure, fishing or ice houses. If you don’t know much about ice, or fishing houses, it’s simple; they’re RVs or mobile homes able to withstand some very harsh conditions and aimed at sport fishing in frigid winters.

Now, if you happened to catch the XploreRV X22 we featured, you’d have some idea of what sort of treatment the XR22 can offer. Currently, the manufacturer’s website shows that the XR22 and X22 feature the same floorplan, but the XR22 does come with a few extra features as standard.

As it stands, this mobile home is set up on a reinforced, off-road capable, powder-coated steel frame with an obstruction-free undercarriage, meaning all components are set above the bottom of the frame rail. A 60-inch (152-centimeter), 1,000-lb (454-kg) easy-lift ramp door, hydraulic ride adjustment with up to 20-inches (51 centimeters) of ground clearance, and a four-season construction with one-piece floor and walkable roof are suitable for up to -40 Celsius (-40 Fahrenheit) temperatures.

Several packages to deck out your XR22, even more, are made available by Imperial. Some packages include off-road tires, rock guards, ladders, heated and insulated storage tanks, and a raised ground clearance. Want more? You can have an on-board air compressor, dual spare mounts, ramp door thermal blanket, roof-mounted ski rack, and of course, that roof tent you see.

Inside this RV, the layout seems to be the same as the one featured in the X22. At the front of the XR22, a corner bathroom with shower, separate toilet, and separate sink; it looks like two people at a time can fit in here.

To one side of the home, the galley occupies nearly one entire wall and features residential-sized features like a four-burner top with oven, large basin sink and faucet, and fridge to store enough goods for up to four guests aboard.

Across from the kitchen, the manufacturer images show a dinette, but the floorplan shows the dinette hiding under the lift-up bedding found at the rear; these are all variations of what’s possible with the XR22. Speaking of bedding, two adults can rest in an east/west arrangement with storage options underneath, and another one to two in the convertible dinette.

LED interior lighting, LCD TV, Bluetooth connection speaker, and plenty of 120-volt and USB outlets make a living inside as easy as possible. Let's not forget heating and cooling systems, all aimed at creating a comfortable home, when outside, Jack Frost is just waiting to slow you down. No need to mention that this puppy is equipped with adequate water supplies and LP tanks. Is there any need to say that there’s a 200-watt solar system strapped to the roof?

Now, if you’re looking to pick up one of these behemoths, know that you’ll most likely need to go through a dealership. That's the bad news. The good news is that, in comparison to other RVs, you can find one for as low as $65,000 (€54,783 at current exchange rates). Of course, this all depends on the features included in the build.

That is a base price though, and if you want to make this the off-road and off-grid worthy vehicle of your dreams, expect to dish out a tad more. How much is all up to you and your tastes. I do have one question for you, where would you go and how would your adventures look with something like this as your living space?


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