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Dear Mercedes: You Simply Must Build a Supermini Like This

We mean it! Audi took the platform from the Skoda Fabia and turned it into the A1, which is decently equipped and good to look at, but does not stand out. BMW doesn't really need a supermini since it sells the actual… MINI, so why not Mercedes?
Mercedes Supermini Rendering 3 photos
Mercedes Supermini RenderingMercedes Supermini Rendering
This sort of car isn't about power or speed, it's about offering a decent form of motoring in a compact wheelbase. Yes, the new A-Class is much more practical and is also quite economical, but it's also €24,000 in Germany today.

Mercedes is way to focused on all the quad-turbo, all-wheel drive, twin-clutch halo cars to notice that it's missing out on a huge market. There are so many AMG cars that we've lost track of them all, probably about 15 right now, but there isn't a single Merc sold for about €17-18,000.

The only problem is that Mercedes doesn't have a small enough platform right now. One could be built in partnership with Infiniti if they are up for it, but a far safety bet would be to just use the smart fortwo architecture developed with Renault.

We're sure every millionaire S-Class owner would much rather buy a little Merc' for his wife than a MINI.

So what do you say Dieter, can we have a supermini now?

Renderings by Theophilus Chin


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